T.I.'s King Uncaged Album Cover

T.I.'s back! And above is his album cover for his upcoming album King Uncaged, released about an hour ago. The lion looks photoshopped in lol, but it's still a nice album cover. T.I.'s dressed sharp as usual, and his throne is firmly in place (Show some of these wack freshman and sophomores how it's done?! PLEASE!!!)

The album is set to drop September 28 and features the singles "Yeah You Know (Takers)" and "Got Your Back" featuring Keri Hilson. You can preorder the album at Tip's website TrapMuzik.com now, or even purchase a premium or deluxe version of the CD, which includes a bunch of exclusive stuff! I personally ain't doing all of that deluxe stuff, but umm...yall can go for it if you want to lol But I definitely will be BUYING Tip's first release since he got out. Excited to hear it!


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