Another Drake Concert Canceled

Morning yall...Happy Thursday! To my working folk, one more day til the weekend yall, just keep pressing :)

According to NYDailyNews.com, yet another free outdoor Drake concert has been cancelled. ABC was going to host Drake for a July 16th performance on "Good Morning America" as a part of their summer concert series, which has hosted Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and the Jonas Brothers. The concert idea in Central Park was scrapped after the NYPD determined the security plan wasn't up to par. This is the second time a Drake concert has been canceled in NY in the past month. As we all know, Drake's June 15 free concert to celebrate the release of Thank Me Later at South Street Seaport was canceled after things got a little crazy with 25,000 fans showing up.

To me, this just shows the amount of love and support people got for him. Sucks he probably won't ever be able to do something like that though. A free concert in Central Park is a great idea. It's just too much hype around him for him to safely perform, I feel, unless there's HEAVY security. Ten or fifteen security guards around the perimeter ain't really gonna cut it.


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