"Beautiful Monster"/"Champagne Life"-Ne-Yo (OFFICIAL VIDS)

I've been trying to get these videos up all day!!!!!! None of my websites were working today on my computer for some reason, so forgive me for the lateness...

Ok, so here are the mini movies for Ne-Yo's new songs, "Beautiful Monster" and "Champagne Life," off his upcoming album Libra Scale. It's been said that the whole album tells a whole story, so make sure that you pay close attention to the videos. They're very interesting, and go well with the songs. There's a similarity to Will Smith in Hancock (which is gonna have a sequel btw) with the whole superhero theme. Watch the videos after the jump!

"Beautiful Monster"-Ne-Yo

"Champagne Life"-Ne-Yo

Definitely am loving these songs! I can't wait for September 21!


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