LeBron Is Headed to SOUTH BEACH!!!

Hey hey hey! It's FRIDAY! I know yall happy, and I am too! Leaving work early to head up to PA for my family reunion! Looking forward to sleep in the car! Lol

Ok, I don't care if you don't like sports, if you don't pay attention to LeBron, but you had to be wondering about this decision a little bit. Well, the decision has been made. LeBron James is headed to the MIAMI HEAT!!!!!! Now, I don't claim to be some huge LeBron fan, rocking his jersey or nothing (cuz I rock D. Wade). And I'm not some professional sports commentator either. But I ain't stupid, and basketball fans, yall can't be either. Yall know that Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron together is going to be a powerhouse down in South Beach! And LeBron realizes this too. That's why he made the tough decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now Cleveland. I understand. I understand. LeBron has been there since he started, and yall feel betrayed. But like LeBron said last night, it wasn't about the money. Cleveland offered LeBron more money than Miami did. It was about WINNING. LeBron wants to WIN. Not that Cleveland is ABSOLUTELY terrible even in their losses, because they're not, but they ain't winning no championship no time soon, even with LeBron. They hang on one man, as you saw by their dismay in his decision. And LeBron knows that he probably is not getting a ring there. So I feel that Cleveland should be somewhat understanding about that. At the same time, I understand their hurt. Like I said, Cleveland was where it started for LeBron. Hell, he's from Ohio. That's the only team he knew. And he was bringing the city major revenue. That can't be denied. And it's a time of sadness and a feeling of betrayal right now. I get it, and I'm sorry for that. But people were acting like that man did NOTHING for them! I understand disappointment, BUT BURNING HIS JERSEY?! A bit much. And then when the camera is put on yall in the sports bars, not one of yall said you could understand his position? It's like in this one decision, they forgot about the seven years of work he put in FOR THEM. And this obviously wasn't easy for him to make this decision. But he has to do what's best for LeBron now. I feel like he's been doing what's best for Cleveland and Ohio since he got there, and now it's time to do what he has to do to get to where he wants to be. And that is to head to Miami.

AND NOW.....MIAMI IS FITTING TO KILL!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I would like to point out that I am not a hop on because of this. I was riding with Heat back in that 2006-2008 time, shaking my head at their season when they only won 15 games, wondering when Dwyane was gonna heal. And people questioning why I watched them LOL Not gonna lie, it was a lot on D. Wade, because I think he's an amazing player, so I stayed with them. So I kindly ask that people not start if they weren't rocking with the Heat before all of this, or if they aren't a huge LeBron fan. SMH but hop-ons will be hop-ons....

I think that Miami will be having a very powerful season, maybe even taking the NBA Championship. Honestly, just as long as it's not the Lakers, I'm good. I'm just tired of them. Time for something new LOL no hate though. Every member of the Heat is gonna have to work together, and do what's best for the team and not themselves. Only time will tell, but I have faith :) And ummm... I have to say that people can't be all that surprised. I mean LeBron did rent cabanas in South Beach to party this weekend LOL Too soon, I guess.


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