Fantasia Overdose: My Take

Good morning people...hope everything is good with you. Half way through this week already!

Ok, so I thought I would give my take on the Fantasia overdose. For those of you who don't know, Fantasia was hospitalized in North Carolina on Monday after a medication overdose. "She took an overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid," her manager said in a statement to Access Hollywood. "Her injuries are not life threatening. She was dehydrated and exhausted at the time," the statement went on. "Fantasia is stable now. She will be released from the hospital soon."

Now, everyone knows about the love triangle with Fantasia, her lover Antwuan Cook, and Antwuan's wife Paula. Now Paula is supposed to suing Fantasia (which is apparently legal in their area) and going for custody of the kids, plus child and spousal support from Antwuan. Fantasia says she thought that Antwuan was legally separated. Paula calls her a homewrecker, talking about possible sextapes, la di dah. Real messy situation. And it's been reported that Fantasia took the medicine in the first place because of all this.

Ok, so first of all, commenting on the homewrecker situation. And this is the same way I feel about the Mashonda-Alicia-Swizzy mess. If a man wants to be free, FREE HIM. That's just my mentality. If somebody don't care about me, why am I gonna try to get him to? You can go. If he gonna cheat or leave, then let him go. Whatever. I know it's hard to let go of someone you deeply love and care about, but if he's gonna mess around, then what's the point? Ain't no need to make a big spectacle of it. Just make sure that the kids are taken care of, and call it a day. No point making a mess even messier. That's just me.

Second, people are really really insensitive nowadays. It was reported by police to be attempted suicide, but people are already saying she did it just to get attention. I don't care if she did it on purpose or not. Either way, the woman needs prayer and love sent her way. She's a human being, just like the rest of us. So I just pray that Fantasia gets better. And that this whole situation blows over soon.


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