Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Morning yall. Happy Sunday! I very rarely do a post on Sundays, but of course, I had to write today. Today, the late legend Michael Jackson would have turned 52. He passed away last year on June 25. In remembrance of him, I made a music playlist filled with his songs as well as the Jackson Five. Including "Lisa It's Your Birthday" from his appearance on the Simpsons haha my bestie got me hooked on that song! So listen and jam along!

Seriously, it's crazy that he's gone. And it's even crazier the stories that have come out since he passed. His children all out in the public, Papa Joe and some other people still after money, etc etc. But staying on the positive, Happy Birthday Michael! Your presence is greatly missed! Thank you for the contributions you made to the music industry and charities, and the impacts you have made on fans worldwide. Not too many artists have a worldwide fan base, not like him! RIP MJ!


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