In The Spotlight: Smokey

Hey yall, hope all is well. Work is done, so now I can focus more on Spotlight. So for you this afternoon, I have another upcoming artist to highlight. Introducing...Smokey.

Born in NY, and raised in B-more, 18-year-old rapper Demitrius "Smokey" Stines is completely dedicated to his music. Smokey's first taste of rapping came from uncles who worked as DJs and brothers and cousins who were rapping. Eventually, Smokey got into it himself. Smokey decided to be a musician when he was 8. He wa listening to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. With the lyrics in front of him, Smokey figured out the breakdown of a song and ran with it. Since then, Smokey has been writing rhymes.

After graduating early Smokey made music his main priority. He started his own movement/label called DroBoy Entertainment. Originating in Dallas, the label has artists, promoters, models, etc; from the Carolinas, DMV (HEYYYYYY!!!!!), and New York.

Smokey says what makes his music different from other artists is his mindstate of it "You watch movies to see a story, you listen to music to hear a story," he says. He writes songs that have some kind of meaning or story at the end, unlike some of these other celebrity rappers. Could start dropping names, but I guess in my real career, I'm gonna have to start being neutral. Ugh. Anyways, Smokey is trying to follow the footsteps of artists such as Lil Wayne, Ludacris, or T.I. who started their own labels but started off as major artists. Right now, Smokey is working on 2 mixtapes and his upcoming album More Than Just A Rapper, so be on the lookout for that. Check out some of his music after the jump.

"Get Away"-Smokey

"Party Boy"-Smokey

You can check out his YouTube and MySpace pages for more music, and don't be afraid to hit him up on Twitter


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