Justin Bieber Biopic Coming

Morning guys...Like my Wale tracks today? Celebrating the release of his mixtape More About Nothing at noon today on RapRadar.com, I believe. Check him on Twitter.

Ok, to all my Justin Bieber fans out there, this news should make you happy. According to E! Online, Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to Justin Bieber's life story and is going to make a full-length biopic starring Justin himself. And it's going to be in 3-D. Yes, Justin Bieber singing, dancing, whatever he does right in front of your face.

"Next Valentine's we r coming with a major 3D Movie telling the story with an Oscar winning director and also filmin the tour at MSG in NYC!!" Justin tweeted yesterday.

Wow, ok so "One Less Lonely Girl" is really the only song I listen to by him, but he's getting a lot of hype these days, especially with the younger ladies LOL So while I do not think that a biopic of him is absolutely necessary, there's a lot of money to be made behind it. Girls will go insane. I can see the lines now for tickets. And I can't ever knock the hustle. Plus it gives the fans a chance to feel more connected to him through knowing his story. Can't be mad. If B2K had've come out with a 3D biopic, I would've been first in line LOL.


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