Paula Cook Thinking About Going To Oprah

And the drama continues...I mean how could it not? With Fantasia opening up about her suicide attempt and the alleged affair with lover Antwaun Cook, of course people want to hear Paula's side. According to RadarOnline.com, Oprah herself has reached out to Paula to talk about this whole ordeal. And of course, Paula is considering it. She's also been approached by Mo'Nique for an appearance on The Mo'Nique Show, as well.

A source told the site, “There was also the chance for her to appear on a new reality show about spurned women, and she’s considering another option to write a book about the whole Fantasia saga. At the moment she is weighing up all these offers and is just taking time out to look after her sons. She has been allowing Antwaun to spend time with the boys although she is becoming more resigned to the fact that their marriage is definitely over now. Despite anything that Fantasia may say about Antwaun being separated from his wife when she started dating him, Paula firmly believes that she knowingly got involved with a married man.”

You know what, in all honesty, I know that people want to hear Paula's side, but I'm like, "Why?" Everyone already knows what it's gonna be. "Fantasia ruined my family. She has a sextape out. I can't believe this is happening. What about me?" It's going to be the same details we've been reading for weeks now. And now to me, it just seems like she's trying to make money off of it. A book AND a reality series? Come on now. Now, I'm not trying to make light out of this situation, because it definitely is heavy. However, I know that all of the blame is going to be directed at Fantasia. And all of it shouldn't be. I got more to say after the jump.

I don't even say this as a fan backing up Fantasia. Because if she did know that Antwaun was married, I'm definitely against that TRUST. I say this as a young woman who has lately been thinking about this term "homewrecker." I don't agree with it.. Women these days give all the slack to females for "taking their husbands." "She knew I was married, blah blah blah." Face it. There are women in this world like that, who go still go after men despite them being in committed relationships or marriages. If I was in Paula's shoes, 100% of my pain, hurt, yelling, and damage would go to Antwaun. Why? Because I wasn't in a marriage with Fantasia. I was in a marriage with ANTWAUN. I didn't expect Fantasia to be faithful to me. I expected ANTWAUN to be faithful to me. Yet so many times, the other female in the love triangle gets the blame. I'm not saying that "homewreckers" aren't wrong for going after taken men, but aren't the taken men more in the wrong for forgetting what they have? Aren't they the ones who are really wrecking the home? If ever a man cheats on me, I'm completely going after him. Forget the side chick! He's getting the Bernie Waiting to Exhale treatment haha. That's just my opinion.

Anyways, I hope that this situation calms down soon, but I doubt it. More than likely, it will be included in the second season Fantasia's VH1 series, Fantasia For Real, and Paula will more than likely be giving her side of the story soon. The saga continues...I'm upset that Fantasia really did try to commit suicide over this though. Despite what anyone says about her, death ain't nothing to be played with. Ain't no coming back from that.


(Image courtesy of RadarOnline.com)

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