"Power"-Kanye West (OFFICIAL...90 SECOND CLIP LOL)

Ok...Kanye has been saying all week that his video wasn't a video. It was a painting. But umm...I thought he was speaking metaphorically. I was wrong LOL. This 90 second clip is legit a moving painting with Kanye standing at what seems to be the gates of heaven.

Looking at people's tweets on Spotlight's Twitter, this video might be a tad controversial for Kanye. It kinda makes it seem like he's some kind of god...but I get the concept. It's just...weird. You're expecting this grand video, or at least I was, and then you get this. I get the concept, but I think that many fans are kinda disappointed. We were expecting something epic. And I was kinda weirded out staring at Kanye's face for a minute and a half. What do you guys think about the "video?"


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