"Why Don't You Love Me (Dance Rmx)"-Beyoncé

Good morning yall! TGIF!!!! And it's my last day of work too?! Too happy right now! Plans for the weekend: SLEEP! Work has made me such a homebody LOL.

Beyoncé released the official dance remix to "Why Don't You Love Me?" and People has the first listen here! The original version was originally a bonus track on her 2008 album I Am...Sasha Fierce and the video was released in May.

Beyoncé said that B.B. Homemaker, the character she plays in the video, is not as edgy as Sasha Fierce but she can relate more to B.B. at this point in her life. "I've kind of been being a wife," she told People (She's been married to Jay-Z since April 2008). "And I figured it could be nice to kind of give a little wink towards the things that I've been doing at home, but making fun of it. I'm just kind of living my life, relaxing, and trying to enjoy [doing things] other than performing and music."

It's definitely the rave, Jersey Shore fist pump feel LOL which I'm starting to like a little bit. Has nice breakdown points too. I'm sure this will be playing in the clubs soon.


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