*SPOILER ALERT!* Hey hey yall! My full MTV VMA's review is done! I've been trying to put this up all day but my internet was not cooperating. I was typing notes as it was going on LOL I'M DEDICATED! Skipped the Skins and Cowboys game (which is not good to my area) but hey I'm not a big fan of either lol. In staying somewhat loyal to the DMV, I told my Nana if I had to choose I would go with the Skins and they won. So there you go Nana haha. Anyways, here is my review of the VMA's....Hope you like it!

The VMA pre-show was cool. In a short little wrap up, saw Ne-Yo and Trey Songz looking great and a lot of other celebrities like Ke$ha, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and of course, the teen phenomenon Justin Bieber.One thing that I wish that MTV did was less talking and a little bit more performing during the pre-show like BET does. HOWEVER MTV has a more eclectic award show than BET. It's nice to see other people from different genres, and not just hip hop and R&B. (*No shade to BET AT ALL lol I love my people). Literally in two seconds, Lady Gaga won two VMA's at the pre-show, Best Dance Video for "Bad Romance" and Best Collaboration for her collaboration with Beyoncé (who wasn't in attendance) for "Telephone". These awards were the start of Gaga's sweep last night. And of course, she comes out in an outfit that only she could pull off. An Alexander McQueen original (RIP) that resembled a peacock. LOL I'm appreciating her style more and more.

One of the most anticipated performances of the entire night was blah to me. Nicki Minaj hit the stage, which I had been really excited about. I'm officially a fan. But her performance just disappointed me. You could barely understand her, and that pink wig? Not the business. And will.i.am was in blackface when he's already dark! It just wasn't a good look.

Now on to the show. Eminem opened with "Not Afraid" Can I say that I love him and I'm glad he's back! Rihanna came out later for "Love the Way You Lie" in her wanna be Nicki outfit from  and that red wig was not working for her to me. But overall, I appreciated the performance.

Chelsea Handler's entrance haha!!!! To Lady Gaga with that house on her head! I loved it lol but Lady Gaga did not look impressed. I was excited about her because I knew that she was gonna go in on people, and she definitely did! Not gonna lie though. Throughout the rest of the night, Chelsea started to irk me. The jokes got worse and worse as the night went on. My VMA experience was kind of ruined.

Throughout the night, the performances were all that I really kind of enjoyed. The presentations of the awards and the breaks in between were kinda wack to me so I stopped paying full attention after a while. Justin Bieber's performance was cool. His little fan stampede was hella fake LOL but cute. Have to admit that Bieber killed it. Yes he was lip syncing. How many artists haven't at one point in their careers? But he's still a good singer to me. And the little girls love him. Bieber fever took over the Barbies and pulled out a win for best new artist over Nicki.

His mentor Usher performed "DJ's Got Us Falling Love Again"/"OMG" LOL Was I the only one who liked his performance?! LOL people on Twitter were going IN on him! Yes he was kinda tired, and the dance moves are a bit played out, but Usher still excites me! The lights and special effects were hot on the stage and I really liked it. Florence and the Machine, who I hadn't heard of before, (need to catch up on pop culture haha) killed. Her voice was a bit iffy at times, but the performance itself was really artistic.

The big elephant in the room was addressed last night several times. The Taylor/Kanye incident last year. Chelsea joked about it a bit. Then Taylor Swift came out with her "Personal Song" which was sooooo directed at Kanye. She started out with a clip of what happened and then started to sing this longggg song. Here are some of the lyrics. "It's OK, life is a tough crowd / 32 and still growing up now / Who you are is not what you did / You're still an innocent." GIRRRRLLL GET PAST IT!!! Ok, he walked up and interrupted your speech for an award (that you didn't really deserve but ok), and he was wrong interrupting you. We know. But realize that you got a good deal of people on your side after the whole incident. You got a bunch of publicity, publicity that you may not have gotten if Kanye didn't act out that night. And he apologized. Girl please!!! Your depressing performance did not win you more sympathy.

Back to pleasant performances. Drake, in his first performance at the VMA's, performed "Fancy" with Swizz Beatz and Mary J. Blige as a big surprise (to fill in for T.I. who is dealing with his...issues. Ughhhh back to jail he goes). It was hot, but I missed T.I.'s verse. "Fancy's" not the same without him. B.o.B performed "Airplanes" with Hayley Williams from Paramore, which is my song now! I definitely liked Hayley on it better than Keyshia (haha BET). And now, I feel like I'm gonna try to listen to Paramore more.

Like I said, Lady Gaga swept up this year. She got six awards, including the most coveted, "Video of the Year" She told her fans that she would announce the title of her upcoming album if she won that, and she did. Born This Way is the new album to look forward to Gaga fans! She even sang a little bit, which sounded really good. I was happy for her. It just wasn't a surprise when she won anything LOL.

Kanye closed out the show with "Runaway" featuring Pusha T which was about the situation too but more upbeat hahaha "Toast to all the doucebags" LMAO! He killed me with that song! Ye sang "I'm so gifted at finding what I don't like the most, so I think it's time for us to have a toast!" Pusha T rapped "I did it, all right, all right I admit it/Now pick your best move. You can leave or live with it." Uh huh Taylor, you listening?! LOL

Ok, so overall MTV kills BET as far as their shows and celebs. They definitely do things bigger and better. But this year, the 2010 BET Awards were 50 times better than the VMAs. If you didn't see it, check my review and favorite moments. There were a lot more electrifying performances and presentations (Ummmm HELLO Nia Long and Larenz Tate LOL). Last night, I was bored with the VMA's. I was just waiting for Kanye to close out the show so I could go finish my psychology homework. So this year, it's MTV who needs to step their game up for the show. Just my opinion. I'll probably put up some best and worst videos a little later. What did you guys think of the VMAs overall.


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