Glee's Matthew Morrison Set To Release Debut Album

Morning everyone! Hope all is well. I'm up and about, about to get ready for class. Thought I would drop a small post to get the day started.

For all my Glee fans, Matthew Morrison, known better as Mr. Shue, is looking to drop his debut album in February of next year! According to OMG! Yahoo, Matthew is recording in between shots for the second season of Glee.

"I'm about three-quarters of the way done with the album," he says. "During our hiatus was the big chunk of putting it together -- it's full-time Glee right now. I'm trying to do it on the weekends." He also said the album's sound is eclectic, with "a lot of stuff that you would find on the adult contemporary charts, but stuff that I hope you'll hear in the club and you can dance to." He wants to tour after he is finished with the album.

Wow...that's good. Matthew has a pretty good voice and definitely a lot of energy. He's performed on Broadway, so he has a good amount of singing experience. I think a lot of fans would be down to buy and support. I definitely would. Would you?

For my GLEEKS, the new season of Glee premieres September 21!!! GET EXCITED!


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