In The Spotlight: Wave Dave

Blessed enough to do a spotlight on another upcoming artist!

Hailing from the DMV (yall better get hip to my area haha), David Barton, known as Wave Dave, is a 21-year-old upcoming singer. He's been doing gogo music for a while, which is a huge part of the DMV culture. Google if you don't know. Now he's adding R&B to his singing style.

Wave Dave first got the idea to sing when he was younger. He grew up watching music videos, especially of the late great Michael Jackson, and his parents played music and sang often, so music was something he picked up. His family is his main inspiration to pursue a career in singing.

While Wave Dave is doing R&B now, he still performs gogo music, serving as a singer of the ABM (All About Money) Band. The band plays at different spots around the DMV, and has had a few hits and gotten radio play. In fact, Wave Dave believes that gogo and the DMV is what makes him unique from other R&B artists. "It's one of the things that gives me edge, and makes me sound and come off different," he said. "The area that I'm from makes me the person that I am. The way I talk, the way I dress, the way I sound, that's where it comes from."

The singer has released one mixtape Take 1, which can be downloaded here. He is presently working on his second mixtape, Take 2, and is planning on releasing the first single from the mixtape around October.

In addition to his music, Wave Dave also makes beats and is willing to work with artists of any genre. He is also working on creating his own label. While music is something he does on the side for now, he would like to eventually make it a full time thing. When asked what keeps him going in pursuit of his dream, Wave Dave replied, "My love for music. Music is like a get away for me. The love for music makes me wanna make it." You can follow Dave on Twitter or check out his Reverb Nation page! He's really talented! Wish you best of luck

Listen to Take 1 below!


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