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Afternoon people! GUESS WHAT TODAY IS?!! Haha I'm officially 2-0! HAPPY BDAY TO ME! Out of the teens....it's crazy how fast time passes. Definitely grateful to God for these past 20 years. Even though things haven't always been easy, I still have had amazing opportunities and wonderful blessings. I have God, my fam and friends, my health, music, two years under my belt for this B.A. degree, and this blog, so I'm happy.

Ok, so back to my job lol. I had the opportunity of tweeting with Anthony Glover, founder CEO of an upcoming label, Concrete Entertainment. Don't knock the Twitter haha, MAJOR NETWORKING GOING ON! Concrete Entertainment is based out of Dallas, and focus on artist development, event planning, promotions and artist management. The label is looking for unsigned talent that's ready to GRIND! Read more about Concrete Ent. after the jump!

Anthony came up with the name "Concrete" because he only wants to deal with solid people (UNDERSTOOD). "I wanted the hottest talent around me. I wanted the best, the cream of the crop." After living in Atlanta and working with his friend Lee and meeting some artists in the industry, Anthony realized that this was what he was meant to do. His friend Tezamah works along with him as the president of Concrete. "[He's] a very sharp individual that knows the business and is very dedicated to making sure that things are done and taken care of when needed," Anthony said.

Concrete is open to all genres, not just hip hop or R&B. "If I could find a country singer right now, I would say let’s run with it. I love music and in this business in order to be successful you have to open yourself to the many changes that are going on today," Anthony explained. Completely true. I personally have started opening up to different genres of music, and different types of movies, shows, etc. The entertainment industry is too broad to just stay focused on one little piece, and you could really miss out on the next big thing.

Currently Concrete has no artists on the roster, which Anthony attributes to his own choices and too much generosity when he first started out with the label. However, he has faith that Concrete will grow into a concrete (excuse the pun lol) label, filled with success and longevity. "Anyone can get out of the starting blocks fast, but do you have what it takes to finish the race?" said Anthony. "I believe that if this wasn’t meant for me, then God wouldn’t have allowed me to endure all of the trials that I have so far. I would have given up and, of course, I am still standing." He is currently working on getting solid artists on the label, and obtain an imprint deal with a major record company and take off from there.

Concrete offers comprehensive artist development packages consisting of a three song demo written and produced by talented writers and producers. The label charges $1,500- $4,000 with a payment plan option avaiable with montly exspenses ranging between 500-1,000 a month. Concrete has two forms of services for clients, internal and external. Internal services offers the artist a contract and representation by Concrete Entertainment with discounted prices, priority bookings, management and gigs. External clients have access to the services as well; however all costs will need to be paid up front with an additional consulting fee added. There is no management provided and clients receive secondary bookings and gigs. Anthony and Concrete have good relationships with different A&R representatives, as well as DJs and producers, and can definitely take you to the next level!

If you or anyone you know are interested in becoming an artist under Concrete Entertainment, and would like more information on the label, please send press kits along with any social networking sites information to concreteentertainmentmusic@gmail.com. You can follow Anthony and Concrete Ent. on Twitter, too!

This is quite a venture. It's nice to see people grinding to make their dreams reality, and trying to help other people accomplish their goals as well. Best wishes on the label, Anthony! Definitely can't wait to see where Concrete goes!


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