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Hey hey! Got a spotlight for you all! Been getting several artists wanting a blog post, so just wanna put it out there again. Any singers, rappers, dancers, labels, whatever, if you would like a post on Spotlight, feel free to contact me on Twitter (ADD ME!!)or email me at inthespotlight1@live.com! I'm open to all genres!!!

Today I have the opportunity to present NOVA! Nova was born Rashaun Lovitt and is from southside Jamaica Queens. During his early childhood Nova spent a great deal of time with his grandmother who mostly listened to Motown greats such The Temptations, The Manhattans, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Rick James, but it wasn’t until the age of 8 that he began listening to hip hop. Nova started rapping for fun at 13, after getting inspiration from his cousin, Christopher “Blitz” Middleton. He began taking his skills seriously at around 16 and is now actively pursuing a career in music.

With Blitz and two other members, Nova formed a group named The Fully Loaded Assassins. The group didn't last long, Nova admitted, due to the members' inexperience and young age, as well as not taking the music seriously. However, Nova kept on rapping and did some collabos with Blitz, and began recording his own music at 17. He released his first mixtape under his label Team Blaze Entertainment, Any Questions in June 2007. Earlier this year, Nova came out with his second mixtape, Just Practicing Vol. 1. (Both mixtapes can be downloaded at Nova's website) He is presently working on the sequel to Just Practicing, which is Nova's hoping to release by the holidays. He is trying to get a joint venture for Team Blaze Ent. with a major label.

Nova named family and friends at his greatest inspirations, but shouted out his girlfriend as the one who inspired her the most to keep going after his dream of music. "[She]has inspired me the most for going after her dream in medicine," he admitted. The 23-year-old rapper has big dreams for his career. "As an artist I'm going to always aspire to sell like Eminem and have Jay-z money but I'm happy if I put an album out and people that don't know me personally want it and buy it," he said.

When asked what keeps him going in pursuit of a career in music, Nova said, "Honestly it's my mindset. I don't like to lose or fail and having a good supporting cast around me always helps." Definitely a rapper with great potential! Yall can catch up with Nova on his Twitter, as well as learn more about him and download his mixtapes on his website! Listen to a few of his tracks below!

"Foolish Lil Girl" (from Just Practicing Vol. 1)

"It's Ya Boy" (from Any Questions Vol. 1)


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