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Morning people! Beautiful Tuesday in Bmore...looking forward to a rainy yet more beautiful day back in Prince George's County, Maryland Thursday! Headed home for Fall Break...need to get away from Loyola and Baltimore and get my head straight lol. This morning, I have another spotlight on an upcoming artist for you all. They have been rolling in on Twitter! Today, I got Sinz.

Born Billy Dunn, Sinz is a rising rapper from the U.K. (yes, I'm international yall LOL jk). The 24 year old rapper started writing in 2002, and thought that he might have a true talent for writing. "I was writing everyday, in class, during recess as you Americans like to call it (haha), at any chance I could get." Sinz said. In 2005, he started recording. Since then, he has grown as a writer, and gets love from his area, as well as overseas. His local tourist spot, Hastings, has different people his age into the whole hip hop scene. He is presently #1 on his local ReverbNation charts. Read more about Sinz after the jump!

Sinz realizes that it's hard for a U.K artist to break into the U.S., when you have artists like Usher, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, etc. to contend with, but he's up for the challenge. "Jay Sean [did] it, so hopefully more [U.K. artists] can too," he said.  Sinz says that his biggest inspiration as he pursues his dream is his three-year-old daughter Daisie (Aww moment!) "I love her with all my heart," he said. "[She] is why I do this."

When asked what makes him different from other artists out now, Sinz said, "I'm fresh and very lyrical. I bring a air of fresh air, and like people to relate to go through what I've been through." What I like about Sinz is that he's real. He let me know that he doesn't talk about things he has no idea about. "I don't talk about poppin' guns and drugs. Why? I haven't been around that, so I don't mention it. I just write and record about what I'm feeling or going thru at the time." Keep it real. Stick to what you know. I like that.

Currently, Sinz is not signed to a label. He would prefer to be an indie artist, but he realizes that it's difficult in terms of funding. "It's very, very hard where I'm from, to be successful on your own back. So major backing would be a option. But only if the terms was right, and [I'm] not 'selling my soul,'" Sinz said. As far as projects, he is working on a few collaborations coming up with U.K. and U.S. based unsigned artists, and is currently working on his fourth LP. "My first LP/mixtape was CRAP," he laughed. "My fourth one, I have a bit more faith in." Sinz actively pursues his career in hip hop, because he loves the music, and of course, because of his daughter :-) You can get in touch with Sinz on Twitter, and listen to more of his music on MySpace and ReverbNation. Listen to some of Sinz' songs below!

"Down For Me"

"End of the Moment"


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