Looks from The Game

This upcoming season of The Game is definitely highly anticipated by fans! After getting canceled by The CW in 2009 after the third season, the show will return to BET in January!!! TOO EXCITED! Courtesy of The YBF, here are some pics of the cast at their filming.

Tia looks AMAZING!!! She's not wearing her wedding ring from Derwin though...Might be reading too much into it LOL but Melanie and Derwin are married now, so she should be rocking a huge diamond on the show. And notice that Hosea has this huge bruise on his face. Did Malik get hurt in a game, or get knocked out? Idk....All I know is that I'm hella excited for this upcoming season! I MISSED THIS SHOW SOOOO MUCH!!!! The cast looks good....I'm excited to see what's in store.


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