Loyola State of Mind!

Hey hey yall! Happy Saturday...Sorry for the MIA status. This week was busy, and the times when I didn't have anything to do, I just passed out on my living room couch lol I wanted to share this video with yall. It's not celeb related but it is a music video dedicated to my college, Loyola University Maryland. Taken from "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, a kid at my school named Eloy hooked up with this artist from Bmore named Bridget Linsenmeyer to create "Loyola State of Mind" LOL It was a cool video. Some people complained about them not having minority students in it, which I wish they would have done to show that there are different ethnicities at Loyola. But I'm not surprised though. Loyola is a PWI (predominantly white institution). I've learned to deal. The makers of this video not having students of color isn't the focus for me. The song is. Which I really like! So shout out to this guy Eloy for making this! I think it's cool. I need to meet this guy LOL Anybody know him tell him Brittany said hey, and wants to do a little interview LOL GO GREYHOUNDS!


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