"Test Drive"-Keshia Chante (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Hey hey yall! Hope all is well. Here's the newest video from Canadian R&B singer Keshia Chante for her single "Test Drive" off her upcoming double-disc album Night and Day.  I really like her voice! The song talks about the importance of test-driving a new relationship to make sure you make a right decision, according to SingersRoom. "That'd get us through the part when you first meet someone you like and all you can see is the glitter before you find out who they really are," she said in an interview with Sway magazine.

I really like her voice! She's a good singer...I'm also waiting on this Aaliyah (RIP) movie that she is supposedly starring in! She does look a bit like her, can't deny. Can't think of any other singer/actress to play her. Anyways...check out the video below!


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