Tyra Banks Sued by Teen Sex Addict (Plus Missed News)

Morning everyone! Another start of a busy week. Hopefully the weekend gets here fast. It hit me this past weekend that I didn't report (not like you didn't already know lol) on two of the biggest events to take place this weekend. I was on Fall Break, and when I break, I break! So I didn't get to congratulate Miss Alicia and Swizzy on their baby boy Egypt (why that name, I don't know) who was born Thursday. Alicia tweeted, "There is no word to properly describe LOVE, to describe BLISS, to express a FEELING like this!!! Thank U 4 your love, support and prayers!" Congrats guys! Hope to see pics soon!

Another big piece of news is that T.I. is, as we figured, headed back to jail for 11 months after his arrest for suspicion of drug possession. SMH!!!! I'm so mad at him. You just got out, you're on probation, and now you're leaving your fans again, and your fam and label. At least, we will have a new album this time around. Maybe. No telling when it will be released. The date keeps changing =/ Tip, please get your life together. No more of this prison foolishness!

But back to the topic of this post haha...According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tyra Banks is being sued for $3 million! Apparently, in 2009, Tyra had a guest sex addict, who was 15 years old at the time, appear on her show, without the mother's consent. The daughter had responded to an open call on the show, and managed to get on. Got an expense paid trip to NY and everything, and the episode was released before the mom even knew what was going on.

The mother, Beverly McClendon, claims in the suit that, "this show was undoubtedly watched by sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles alike." The suit was filed in federal court last week. McClendon's complaint claims the teen's right to privacy was violated. She is also seeking an injunction against any future airings of the program, which still appears in repeats on the CW network.

My opinion? Ummm lady, first off, how did you not know that your daughter flew all the way to New York from ATL?!! People need to keep better tabs of their kids. I understand what she is saying though. The show was irresponsible. The daughter probably did have to sign some sort of release, with the parent's signature on it that she probably forged. However, she is a minor. If she was going to appear on the show, she should have been required to have a parent or guardian with her, which doesn't seem to be the case. So, honestly, I have to agree with the suit. The producers should have been more careful with an issue like this. In media, with any type of event or show, any pictures or video released of kids HAVE to have parental consent. That's a given. And apparently, the child was paid for her appearance, which brings labor laws into play. So it's this huge mess of a suit, but, to me, it's one that this woman may just win. Sorry Tyra.


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