Wale and B.o.B. at Towson! (Vids)

And now the vids!!!! Point blank period, Wale and B.o.B. are two of the hottest artists out right now. I pray that Wale gets the credit he deserves. He's mad underrated....we'll see with the next album. Check the vids!!! I apologize in advance for my yelling lol you can hear me loud and clear, and I'm yelling, not really singing. For the record, I got a little voice lol Also there's some shaking, and the vids are mostly sideways throughout. Recording wasn't really allowed, but I managed to get these by just acting like I was holding it while it was recording. Haha I just told on myself but whatevs! Just a little taste of what I experienced! Enjoy after the jump :-)

"Pretty Girls"-Wale

"No Hands"-Wale

"Nothing On You"-B.o.B.



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