In The Spotlight: KaPo Mann

Morning yall....Happy Monday. This week is "Get My Life Together Week." Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and academically. Oh, and journalistically (which is a word despite what Firefox says). As you have seen, I haven't written on here in a while, and I'm sorry :( This past week was not a good one, and honestly, Spotlight was one of the last things on my mind. But I'm back, and here is the spotlight on KaPo Mann. Read more after the jump!

Born in Jamaica and raised in Miami, KaPo Mann is an upcoming rapper. "Life [in Miami] was fast paced...South Beach was cool," KaPo said of his area. He was always around music growing up, even playing the trumpet in middle school. Although sports was his main thing, he began rapping over other artists' songs for the fun of it, and began taking the game seriously.

His mixtape The Southwest M.D. dropped in 2008, and he has also released Seen Alotta Faces with DJ Knight and Flame Up with DJ Anonymous KaPo is presently working on Seen Alotta Faces Vol. 2 which he said should be out late January. "My dream [is] to become the hottest mixtape artist in Florida," he said.

Music obviously has a great impact on KaPo, and serves as an outlet for him. "I like to get what's on my mind of my chest sometimes and that feels better than anything," he said. His friends serve as inspiration to him, some feeling his music and others not, inspiring him to push forward and make better music. T.I. (I love him!), 50 Cent, Fabolous, and Cam'Ron are some of KaPo's biggest musical influences.

When asked what makes him different from other artists, KaPo believes he's different because he sounds like himself, instead of trying to imitate another rapper. "I've done a lot in my life...good and bad so i have a lot to touch on," he said. As of now, KaPo is not signed to a label, still creating that buzz around his music. However, he wouldn't mind being an indie artist. "If show money is good I could stay as an independent artist because I love music naturally and like my own creativity," he admitted. He keeps going in pursuit of music. "This is something I wanna do, I can do, and even if I don't make it I still will make music," KaPo said. Definitely seems to be an artist with drive and plenty of potential! You can listen to more of Kapo on his ReverbNation page! Check out his video for "Flame Up" below!


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