In The Spotlight: Supreme General

Afternoon everyone! As you see, I've been slacking for the umpteenth time on the blog! Can I say again how ready I am to leave Loyola and get my career started?! Anyways, I want to apologize to the upcoming artists that I have interviewed and haven't gotten your posts up yet. This week, I hope to redeem myself starting with Supreme General. Had the opportunity to talk to him a few weeks back, to get his story on the blog so check him out after the jump!

Born David Adams, Supreme was raised in Buffalo, New York. Though he lived in what he called a "gang environment," he knew his block as home. After a stint in the Air Force, Supreme tried his hand at rapping, just playing around in a studio with a friend. He admitted to writing some poetry before, in an effort to get girls (lol good tactic), but seemed to understand then that words had power. "Literature and anything releated to the English language fascinated me," he said. After discovering that he had a bit of skill, Supreme continued writing and rapping, and has been going full time for about five years. He released his mixtape, The Prelude 2: A Classic!!!, about a year ago, and it can be downloaded here

He also founded his own label, Hustle Game Enterprises, after getting shut down by other labels. "I couldn't get signed. The only offers I was getting was from independent labels," Supreme said. The offers not being up to his standards, the 28-year-old rapper went on to research into starting his own label. "It seemed like the most intelligent thing to do considering I didn't want to sell my soul or be told what to do," he stated.

When asked who are his greatest inspirations in the game, Supreme went with two favorites--Tupac and Nas. He claimed that Nas' rhymes were very detailed and Tupac's lyrics had real emotion that he could connect with. He admits that he can't get with the newer rappers out now. "When you're in hip hop, [music] is based on authenticity," Supreme claimed. Which is true. Different artists out now lack the emotion, the realness that artists before them had. I'm writing a paper for my media class on that now BUT that's a story for another time LOL. Supreme feels like he could see a lot of rappers in the game right now, and that pushes him to keep going. He's inspired to make it from "seeing guys not as skilled as me have more." Listen to some of his music below! Does he stand a chance in the industry right now?

I gotta say, I've done not a lot, but quite a few, spotlights on upcoming artists, all of which have amazing talent. But this dude right here? His flow and lyrics FLOORED me. Everybody got their own tastes so you may not agree, but after watching this video below I was hooked!

"Show Me What You Got Freestyle"-Supreme General

I admire his flow and his boldness. Yall think he could make it? I say yeah. Be sure to check out on his website and Twitter, as well as iTunes and ReverbNation.


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