In The Spotlight: Ashley Chin

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I seriously love doing spotlights. Definitely has put me on to some artists, designers, labels, etc. that are killing out here, doing what they love. So I have another one for you all today. Fashion, again! Yeah, I'm branching out? Why, what's up?

Today, I have for you Miss Ashley Chin, an upcoming designer from Miami! The 18-year-old fashionista actually studied fashion merchandising in high school and fell more in love with the industry as time went on. "I've always enjoyed being around clothing, being creative and mixing up my styles," Ashley said.

Read more about Ashley and her designs after the jump!

Ashley has designed several t-shirts under her collection name, Dangerous Vintage (Hot name right?) She said of her line, "Dangerous Vintage is not just a clothing line to me. It’s a movement, a feeling, a love, a new face of fashion."

The tees she has designed so far include either the Dangerous Vintage name or a daily quote that Ashley loves to use. The cuts are definitely hot and sexy! I love this one! ===================>

Keep calm and carry on. Ha! I need that in my life...

As far as inspirations, Ashley draws from legendary designer Coco Chanel, as well as the work from Juicy Couture and even Miss Lauren Conrad (Love her, miss The Hills). Her biggest inspiration by far, however, is her mom, who Ashley said has had a huge impact on her fashion and her life. "She gives me the balance and support I need to stay on top and work hard, to give people what they want and meet their moods," Ashley said.

Consider the t-shirts just an introduction for Ashley and Dangerous Vintage! The designer is currently finishing up a full collection for 2011! She will also be attending Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School in March, and dreams of branching out into the fashion/makeup world.

When asked about her love for fashion, Ashley said that fashion is a way to tell a story or showcase a mood. "When I wake up in the morning, I dress and do my hair and makeup according to the mood I'm in , so I would [definitely] say fashion shows an expression," she stated.

This girl has big goals for herself and hopes to make an impact with fashion. "To be honest," Ashley said, "I just want to open more doors for young girls like myself andlet them know that anything is possible. You just have to aim for it."

Check out more of Ashley's tees below. And follow her on Twitter, as well as Dangerous Vintage's official Twitter. You can also connect with Ashley and get more updates on Dangerous V on her blog!

"I'm glad to be apart of something that expands everyday. Fashion will never die. It grows everyday." -A.C.

"I hope that my clothing line eventually will be a inspiration and cause a new face for fashion" -A.C.

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