In The Spotlight: J Boo Tha Bully

Hey yall, hope all is well. Like I said, I've been busy putting in work on final projects and studying. Finals week at Loyola University is no joke. So I've disappeared, but I'm here for today lol. I have a spotlight on an artist that I should have done a looooonnnnggg while ago.

Hailing from the West Coast, we have AJ Johnson, aka J Boo Tha Bully. Read more about this upcoming rapper after the jump!

This 29-year-old rapper got his first taste of music at an early age. His mother and father were both involved in music. J Boo's mom sang back up on a song by singer Betty Wright, entitled "Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall," that was later rerecorded by legendary singer Al Green. His father was in a band coming up that was the originators of "Caribbean Queen," that was taken by Billy Ocean (Smh wow.) J Boo's father used to have J Boo and his brothers sing and dance in little groups like the mini Jackson Five or the Temps lol. J Boo admitted that music has always been his dream.

Of course, his mom and dad served as musical inspirations for him, but he is also inspired by greats like James Brown, Prince, LL Cool J, Michael Jackson, George Clinton, Zapp and Roger, Tupac, Rahkim, Ice Cube, N.W.A, Morris Day, Bootsy Collins, and Eazy E. "These artists really put on shows They really had a love and passion for the music and they made you feel it and see it," J Boo said. "I would love to have shows and perform like them anytime...You got a lot from their music. It spoke to you in a way that I feel like is not happening today." Tell me about it.

Presently an indie artist, J Boo Tha Bully has been putting in serious work in the game. He's produced tracks for the YoungBloodZ, Renegade Foxx, and Petey Pablo. He also has four solo projects out online and in stores. He is currently working with rapper Bohagon on some music now as well. Bohagon and J Boo have a single released online entitled, "Money Talks," which you can listen to below. It’s the first single off the mixtape they are releasing. "I try and stay busy," J Boo said. He also has a Southeastern tour set for the beginning of the year. He is also working on videos for some of the songs he has released.

When asked what makes him different from other artists out now, J Boo said that he's not made up. He's just him. "I really come from the streets. I still have morals and loyalty to my true family and friends. I also create music of the feeling, not what’s hot or trending at the time to sell a record. I’m me no matter what." he said. That's what's up. I could go into a spiel on how artits have made that switch to the mainstream, but that's another story for another time. All I know is that I appreciate artists that don't become something they're not just to impress audiences.

J Boo Tha Bully has a great passion and drive for music. "The love for music and people that like it keep me in this," he said. "I can really do this until I die, simple. It’s like why quit on something you know is there?" Word. You can check out more of J Boo Tha Bully's music on YouTube, iTunes, as well as CD Baby, and TheZenutz.com.

Listen to "Money Talks" below!

"Money Talks"-J Boo Tha Bully


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