In The Spotlight: Laudy (Designer)

Hey hey yall. Ahhhh Thursdays...I love em to death. Only have one class in the morning and then chill day. Made some posters for Loyola's gospel choir's concert, did a little cleaning, and now putting in work for the degree and the blog. All in all, good day!

Today, I'm excited to present Miss Laudy, an upcoming designer, who I had the pleasure to talk to and look at one of her designs. First designer ever on In The Spotlight! Hand clap for branching out! Read more about Laudy after the jump!

* What's your name, age and hometown?

I'm Alisha. I go by the name of Leesha or Laudy (pronounced Lodi). I'm from Lauderhill, Florida, and I'm 19 years old.

* How did you get started in fashion? Was it always a passion?

I actually started earlier this year. I knew it was always for me; it just came down to me being dedicated to it. I've always loved fashion but no one would have ever thought LOL

* Is there any designers out there that you draw inspiration from?

I actually have my eye on a few designers that are absolutely dope to me. To name a few, I would have to go with Vashtie Kola, Nina Ricci, Sheila Rashid, Beau.coup

* Has there been anybody in your personal life that has had an impact on your fashion?

YES! Most def! MY MOTHER!! She has had a tremendous impact on it, just by watching her do her thing with her fashion shows, events, interviews and all. It motivates me to the fullest. She is a swimwear designer. [Her line] is called VIP Swimwear and honestly, her swimwear is the NEXT best thing. Can't wait for her to expand in that department.

* What was your inspiration behind the dress that you designed?

It wasn't much of someone who inspired me to do such a piece, I just wanted my first piece to be worth 'jaw dropping' and unique...I know the puffy arms and shoulder pads are back in style, and that's something I will continue to specialize in.

* What other work have you done/are working on besides the dress?

I'm working on major projects with a fellow upcoming designer, Ashley Chin. as well as some shoots until my release date early 2011. I won't give too much away but I do have more sketches/designs...just won't be revealed as of yet =)

* What plans do you have in the future to continue your designing? Where do you see yourself in the future? Pursuing fashion full time or is it just a side thing?

As of now, I'm doing so much at once, so I'm just taking it one day at a time. I'm enrolled in college right now, 2nd year. But in the near future, fashion will be a FULL TIME thing for me. I have big plans for my line and can't wait for the world to see...I see myself being SUCCESSFUL in the future.

* What do you love so much about fashion?

I'm in love with fashion AND style: DIFFERENCE. I feel like style defines who you are alone and fashion is more of a year to year trend, which is cool. I love them both. It is a way of expression to me, as well as one of my main stress relievers. Fashion to me is a part of life and LOVE. It's a way to tell you apart from everyone around you and it's a form of art. How different you get with it or even how simple you remain, it paints a picture that everyone tends to judge- good and bad. And that's what I love about it too. I think everyone that's into fashion and/or style, kind of feels the same way about it only because it's the truth.

* What keeps you going in pursuit of this dream?
My friends and my mom. I watch them making moves, creating a name for themselves. I feel like it's a must that I do the same. I only surround myself around "somebodies" because being a nobody gets you NOWHERE in life. I can't afford to waste any more time..I have talent that no one including my friends were aware of. It's time for me to be seen.

And that you will Miss Laudy! She has great potential to make in the fashion industry. She promised to keep me updated on other designs she puts out for publicity, so be on the lookout!


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