In The Spotlight: Young Truth

Hello, good morning! Hope everything is well with yall. I'm...alive lol. Being at Loyola is wearing me down for several different reasons, but it's all good. I'm still blessed to see another day. Last day of classes is tomorrow, then finals, then it's out of Baltimore and back to PG County! Too excited to go home...

I have another spotlight to do today. I present to you Young Truth! An upcoming rapper who grew up in Harlem, William McMillan was exposed to the street life early on, around dealing and gangs. "From that very point, I knew I wanted to break the chain and be different, so I began to separate myself from negativity," the 22 year old rapper said. Read more about Young Truth after the jump!

After seeing his cousin rap, Young Truth approached him with a rhyme of his own. He received positive feedback, and has been rolling on the music path ever since. "I knew music was for me when I started to wake up in the morning and the first thing I though about after God was music. Music became my life, became my tool to met new faces. [It] helped me grow as a person," Young Truth admitted.

The rapper has been featured on different mixtapes, and has released two of his own, Truthfully Speaking, and It's My Turn Vol 1. He also has a single out right now called "Freak Me Baby," which is about...well yall can infer that from the title LOL but it's a hot, upbeat song.

He's not currently signed, but as I've learned without even being in the business, sometimes that's better for an artist to hold to their creativity and independence. Young Truth admitted the same. "Being an independent artist is best because the Artist doesn't have too many hands in their pockets," he said. "I'd rather grind it out independently until a label who's interested shows me they can do better than what I do alone." TRUTH.

When asked who his greatest inspiration was, Young Truth gave honor to his mother. She raised him as a single parent, and although times were hard, Young Truth noted that his mom always kept a smile on her face and worked hard to get to where she wanted to be. "She kept faith and ambition. Got her GED and from there she went to college," he said. "Now, she has a degree in business in accounting. That showed me anything can happen with faith."

As always I ask the artists I have the privilege to interview what makes them different from other artists out now. Young Truth said his style. "I try to treat every record like a conversation. I believe when someone listen to me they'll sense my character and that's what I want them to do," he stated. "I touch day to day topics in my music whether it's relationships, the streets, or simple fun. I want my listeners to know I'm no different from them and I feel a lot of artist don't do that." Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem, and Lil Wayne are just a few rappers in the game whose lyrical ability and hustle inspires Young Truth.

Young Truth is fighting to make a name for himself in rap. His family and fans are what keeps him going. "I have a whole lot of people who actually believe in me," the rapper admitted. "I can't let them down but most of all I can not let myself down. I just keep God first and the the magic in. History will eventually be made." I know the feeling. This rapper has a lot of potential and great flow and lyrics. You can follow Young Truth on his Twitter, @YoungTruthIsMe.

You can download his two mixtapes by clicking on their links above, as well as listen to "Freak Me Baby" below!

"Freak Me Baby"-Young Truth


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