The Supremacy EP Review

It's Wednesday and World AIDS Day! Several of our celebrities have been digitally killed on Twitter lol for a serious cause: to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. You can go to BuyLife.org or research other websites and donate money towards education on the virus! And get yourself tested!

I need the week to keep on keeping on! I'm officially counting down til I leave Loyola (7 more days of classes, 19 days til I actually leave LOL). So I'm focused on school and the blog right now. Working on a good number of spotlights on upcoming artists. Even have a rising designer for yall to look forward to so be on the lookout!

Today, I'm doing a review. Which I rarely do. The only one I did before this was my short critique on Chris Brown's Graffiti and Rihanna's Rated R (in favor of Chris, still love RiRi though). Today, I'm doing a review on upcoming rapper Supreme General's EP, The Supremacy, which he released last week. Read more after the jump!

This six-track EP has definite fire all throughout. Supreme boldly starts and stands his ground as a rapper with the first track "The Supreme General." "I'm the Supreme General / There is no chance of survival / I'm out here killin' 'em," the main chorus says. You can tell from this intro track that this is Supreme's passion and he's gonna reign supreme over the competition. Respect the hustle.

"I'm a G" is also a track that stands out on this EP. Supreme speaks of getting respect in the streets. Again, nobody can touch him. He's a beast, so haters and nonbelievers can fall back! "Stacks" was also a powerful song, very open and real about hustling in the streets. You do what you gotta do to take care of your own. That's why I can't judge anybody that makes their money dealing or stripping, what have you. I'm not saying everybody jump on board to the dope life, but you do what you gotta do to survive. Life is like that...

The Supremacy EP also features songs "Puffin' on That Good Sh*t," "Money Talks," and the final track "Supreme Dreamin," in which Supreme recognizes he has dreams of something more, really making a name for himself in the rap game. All in all, a great EP! Real and honest, you definitely want to pick this up! You can buy The Supremacy on iTunes now! The full album comes out Friday!!! Support real artists!!!!


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