"Moment For Life"-Nicki Minaj feat. Drake (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"And all you bitches that be hating can catch the bouquet."-Drake

Ok, I really like Nicki, and I'm glad that "Moment For Life" was the next single off of Pink Friday. Definitely one of my favorite tracks. MTV premiered the video about a half hour ago.

I'm not gonna tell you the whole video treatment. What I will say is that the fashion is hot, Drake and Nicki really would make a cute couple, and watch out for a fairy godmother named Martha haha! Bravo Nicki. And Drake, sexy as always ;) Signed, a fan since you was just a yellow boy that used to play up on Degrassi. Watch the video below!



"Where You At"-Jennifer Hudson (Song)

Morning all! Hope all is well on this Monday!

Sooooo I'm excited about this new song Jennifer Hudson just dropped today!!! :) From the tragedy of losing her mother, brother, and nephew in 2008, to becoming a mother herself and losing weight and becoming a spokesperson for Weight Watchers (My "Thinspiration" lol), Jennifer has went from extreme high to terrible low, and is now rising up again. She released her new song "Where You At?" for her faithful listeners, which depicts a story of a woman dealing with broken promises from her man..."Thought you were my hero, but as it turns out, you were a no show." A story many women know all too well I'm sure. It's definitely a great song! I'm too happy that Jennifer is back in terms of music. I've missed her amazing voice. Her new album I Remember Me is set to be released March 22!!! Listen to "Where You At" below!



In The Spotlight: Eprell

Hey hey yall! Don't even feel like Wednesday, but we're halfway through the week! Sleep awaits me this weekend :-)

Starting off this morning with a spotlight! Today we have Tiffany Eprell Williams, aka Eprell. Hailing from Miami, this 17 year old has big dreams and talent. She is a singer and a model, as well as aspiring dance teacher. Her publicist, who I just so happened to do a spotlight on a little while back, designer Ashley Chin, gave me the scoop on her!

Ms. Eprell fell in love with music at a young age, listening to old school artists that her father would play like Teena Marie, the O'Jays, and Anita Baker. "Music became not only my best friend, but also my get away from all my problems with school and friends and family," she admitted. I know that feeling all too well. Read more about Ms. Eprell after the jump.


Milk & Honey (TV Show)

Morning yall. Hope all is well. Got a two hour delay at work today (God bless the DMV and our fear of winter), so I'm just now settling at the desk.

I saw this this morning on one of my new favorite sites, The YBF. Actor Idris Elba (mmmm....Gorgeous Brit) is the executive producer of a new show entitled, "Milk & Honey." The show follows four black women in LA as they work toward their dreams. It features familiar faces like Lance Gross from House of Payne, Faune Chambers (Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Bryce Wilson (Beauty Shop), veteran actress Debbie Allen and introduces Asha Kamali.

milk + honey series trailer from brown paper dolls on Vimeo.

Just by looking at the trailer, it seems like it will be a very good show once it gets picked up by a network. I would definitely watch. Plus, just being a young black woman, I can't lie that it's nice to see black dramas and sitcoms making their way back gradually.



The Game Season 4 Premiere!!! (Review)

(Click here for the Season 5 Premiere Recap/Review!)

Morning all! Hope everything is good. After getting my hopes up on this little bit of snow DMV had, I'm in the office sighhhh lol. But it's cool.

Ok, so I just HAD to do my review of the Season 4 premiere of The Game last night! It was a momentous occasion with the show being gone for two years. I can honestly say that I love BET for bringing it back. Sooooo before I begin, if you have yet to see the premiere, do not continue. Cuz I'm laying it ALL out after the jump!


Super Bowl Episode-Glee (Pics)

Yall already know I'm a huge Glee fan, and I'm too excited for the show's return on Feb. 6 after Super Bowl XLV! And they're doing "Thriller" on the football field! This I HAVE to see! Check out pics below! LOOKS INSANE!


Nicki Minaj on V Magazine Cover

The Spring 2011 cover of V Magazine features Miss Nicki Minaj. Her Barbie image is cool, but regular Nicki without crazy wigs and makeup is better to me always.


Soulja Boy Deserved A Grammy?!?

Morning people! Hope all is well. Looking to get some snow in the DMV today! Not a big fan of it, but if it maybe keeps me home tomorrow, I'm good haha

Ok, so I wasn't going to write on this fool, but I needed to get this out of my system. This one to your left, I DO NOT LIKE. Sorry to his fans, but I'm not one. And I'm so tired of him. SOULJA. BOY. Ok, first he said he wrote Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair," random and laughable to me. Songwriter Ronald "Jukebox" Jackson got on him for it. "Soulja wrote whip my hair??..and waka flaka wrote ‘thriller’ right? lol…" Jukebox tweeted. "My house must be POPPIN! cuz i had NO IDEA soulja was in my house when I did that song! #invisibleswag??" Then Jukebox came out with a littlediss track for him.

But Soulja Boy won't stop. Now he's saying that he deserved Kanye's 2008 Grammy, according to OMG Yahoo!.

Ok, so Kanye won the Grammy for Best Rap Song for his collaboration with T-Pain on "Good Life." Soulja Boy let it go, hoping that he would win the next year. Now he's saying that he felt like "he should have got that Grammy" for his hit "Crank Dat." The OMG article ended perfectly: Kanye West has earned 14 Grammys; Soulja Boy has not been up for an award since "Crank Dat" was nominated. Boy SIT! You don't have a Grammy cuz YOU DON'T DESERVE A GRAMMY! People don't take you seriously as a rapper because your lyrics have no substance. You don't talk about nothing. You ain't that catchy that you deserve a Grammy on your mantlepiece. Get up outta here with that. Tired of people making bull and calling it hip hop. I was talking to someone the other day. Like my parents and older generations, even 80s babies have music that they jump out of their seats the minute they hear the first beat. When I'm in my mid-40s what am I gonna have? Soulja Boy among others? I'm disappointed. Don't get me wrong, not all of the music coming out today is terrible (*Note-Queen Bey, Ne-Yo, etc,) but a good chunk of it is a hot mess. I was born in the wrong generation Sighhhhhh. Ok, mini rant done. Ignore me. Real news hopefully later.



Snooki's A Brand!

Morning everyone! Hope all is well. The job has hit me with some serious work today, but I have to keep my stride with the blog too!

For my Jersey Shore fans, it's JERSDAY! The Season 3 premiere of MTV's hit show airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET. So it's only right to talk about one of my favorite cast members--SNOOKI! Say what you want, but she's killing it! She just released her book, A Shore Thing, this past week. While it isn't going to hit the classic literature list or anything, I bet it sells A LOT! The Jersey Shore era is just beginning...I'm good with it LOL.

But according to the New York Post, Snooks is just beginning! She has hired New York firm SRG Ventures to take charge of licensed products that she will release. Now that includes her famous slippers which I was looking at a few weeks ago lol, as well as jewelry and sunglasses. She is seeking to expand to lingerie, handbags, beauty products, fragrances, bedding, and more!

Read more after the jump!



 Number 5! Lol Ok, I'm gonna stop counting. Probably will be my last one anyway lol but something quick. Just saw this picture of Keri Hilson on The Late Show with David Letterman. She sang "Pretty Girl Rock" and channeled Diana Ross and the Supremes for the costumes. But TELL ME, that she don't look like Bey. Tell me she ain't trying to be BEY! I can't rock with it. Just thought I would let yall know haha.


VH1's Love & Hip Hop

HA! I am on a roll today! What is this number 4? I need to keep it going!

Right after I finished that post on Khloé and Lamar's show, I read about a show that VH1 is putting out. As we all know, VH1 is on this whole wifey kick with the Basketball Wives and Football Wives. Well now there will be a Hip Hop Wife show as well It was announced last year, and is set to premiere in March. Can't be mad at VH1 for trying to capitalize on the Wives setup, and this one I might actually watch! It features singer Olivia (formerly of G-Unit), Joe Budden's ex Somaya Reece, Jim Jones' girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, and Fabolous' girlfriend Emily Bustamante. I'm interested and mainly Jim and Fab's girls and how they deal with their men in the music industry. Should be interesting.

If any show should probably stick around it's this one, to me. I tried Basketball Wives, fell off. Football Wives, I watched one episode when everybody was going on Pilar Sanders on the boat LOL The first thought that popped in my mind was why was Pilar on there? She had her own show with her husband Deion on Oxygen. Guess that died. *CLICK* So I might actually tune into this one.


Khloé and Lamar Are Getting Their Own Show!

Can't say I didn't see that coming. With Kourtney and Kim taking New York, it only was a matter of time before Khloé Kardashian and her Laker husband Lamar Odom would get a show of their own. E! Online announced today that the show, entitled Khloé and Lamar, would start filming early this year and would feature the couple in their professional and private lives. Rob Kardashian will also be featured as he takes a stab at the music industry as a manager.

"Lamar and I are so blessed to have been given such an amazing opportunity to take this journey together as a couple," Khloé told E! News. "I know that it will only strengthen the bond we have and the love we share for each other and we're so excited to share our lives with our fans."

Awww...how cute. I like them together. And people said they wouldn't last. Ha let me not jinx them!


"Far Away"-Marsha Ambrosius (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Marsha Ambrosius (how is she NOT on my iPod--SMH at me!) has released her video for "Far Away." Wow. This song is beautiful, and the video gives a deeper meaning...Marsha gives this message at the end of the video:

Dear Friends,

Every year over 1 million people commit SUICIDE. Some were BULLIED because of their SEXUALITY. I lost a friend to SUICIDE, and I’m asking all of you to support alternative lifestyles. Don’t put up with or join in with BULLYING. It’s time we become more aware in this WORLD. Take responsibility to make a difference. So if my music can save one life, I’ve done my job.

I love you all so much! 

I pray for the day when we learn to LOVE each other, ACCEPT each other, EMBRACE each other as we all are, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, everything. It takes way more energy to hate and hurt someone than to love and hug someone. And note, I said LOVE, and not tolerate. I hate that word -__- Check Marsha's video for "Far Away" below!


Defamation Through Tweets?

Morning yall! Back on the work grind, but surprisingly, I have more time to blog lol. Hope everything is good with you guys.

Interesting story I read this morning on OMG! Yahoo. Musician Courtney Love has been in a fight with designer Dawn Simorangkir who has been demanding repayment from Love on a couple of thousand dollars' worth of clothes. In March of last year, Courtney took to Twitter and hurled out insults at Dawn to her followers. Courtney said that Dawn was a drug-pushing prostitute with a history of assault and battery, had lost custody of her own child, and had used Courtney for her fame. "She has received a VAST amount of money from me over 40,000 dollars and I do not make people famous and get raped TOO!" Courtney had tweeted.

Courtney's tweets led Dawn to file suit against her last year. The trial will take place January 18, and is the first high-profile case of defamation for a celebrity's tweets. "There has never been anything like this case before," said Dawn's attorney Bryan Freedman. Apparently, Courtney's tweets have had a negative impact on Dawn's fashion career, and Dawn is suing for millions of dollars in damages. Read more after the jump!


In The Spotlight: Kimmi-K

Morning everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It's 2011, and this year I'm GOING AFTER GREATER (my church's theme for the year)! So I'm determined to do better this year, with school, my journalism experience and more! And ESPECIALLY with this blog! With the growth and attention the blog is getting day by day, I have to stay on top of my game on the real! Thank yall for sticking with me...

I have a spotlight to start off 2011! I present to you KIMMI-K, a plus size model doing her thing in the modeling world! Originally from St. Louis and now living in Nashville, Kimmi started modeling about 6 years ago. After facing rejection during a casting call on a fashion show, Kimmi became more determined to pursue modeling. After contacting a photographer and making a Model Mayhem profile, she booked a photoshoot with Chris Hollis. "Once I shot with him I knew this was something I wanted to do," Kimmi said. "I kept going to casting calls, networking with other models, designers and photographers. I hired me a modeling coach, and that is mainly how I got started."

Read more about Kimmi after the jump!


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