The Game Season 4 Premiere!!! (Review)

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Morning all! Hope everything is good. After getting my hopes up on this little bit of snow DMV had, I'm in the office sighhhh lol. But it's cool.

Ok, so I just HAD to do my review of the Season 4 premiere of The Game last night! It was a momentous occasion with the show being gone for two years. I can honestly say that I love BET for bringing it back. Sooooo before I begin, if you have yet to see the premiere, do not continue. Cuz I'm laying it ALL out after the jump!

All right, this is a long one so bear with me, or skip around. Set two years later, everybody on the show has a new life. Derwin (played by Pooch Hall), is now a megastar on the Sabers, worth millions, has major endorsement deals, and everything. Melanie (played by Tia Mowry Hardrict) has settled into the housewife position, caring for Derwin and his two-year-old son by baby mama Janay, D.J. Girl Melanie and Ding Dong have become quite the little power couple!

Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson) still works for Derwin as manager, and is doing a hell of a lot better than she did when they first started out. Malik's (Hosea Chanchez) first scene is in the bathroom with him making out with Meagan Good, who plays Parker, the wifey of the new owner of the Sabers haha, one of many little twists.

Kelly (Brittany Daniel) and Jason (Coby Bell) are now officially divorced. Jason is hanging on a thread with his spot on the Sabers, while Kelly has become a reality TV star on the wack "Ex-Ballers Wives" or whatever it's called (correlation-Football Wives lol).

Of course, the premiere continued with several different twists and turns. Expected and major part of the whole episode, was Melanie still questioning if Derwin was really D.J.'s father. While watching D.J., she quickly swabs his mouth and sends it off to one of her doctor friends. This part was in debate on Twitterland, with The Game's official Twitter account posing the question if Melanie should have done that. Ok. Here's my thoughts. Maybe it wasn't really her place, and honestly she was just doing it to try to get her and Derwin back to just her and Derwin. But can you blame her? And if you were in her shoes, wouldn't you do the same? She was with Derwin for YEARS, and now this baby comes in that Derwin is too in love with to even question. In my opinion, she should've done it sooner. Cuz if it were me, I would have been swabbing the baby and my man right after the birth lol.

Another twist was with Miss Tasha Mack. I was wondering how Terrence J was going to come into play, and apparently now he's Dante, Tasha's younger BOYFRIEND! When I saw this, I screamed to the top of my lungs: Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Tasha’s a COUGAR! With Terrence J!!!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Lol it's how I felt.

And Tee Tee quit Malik to own his own chicken truck! My people smh LOL but it was good to see Tee Tee doing something besides being Malik's errand boy, standing up to him. Malik just couldn't get it into his head that Tee Tee no longer works for him, still asking him to do things and getting upset when denied. Then to go and have a presumed threeway with Tee Tee's girlfriend and Meagan Good? Malik was mad foul. And I'd be careful. See Tee Tee has always been the funny character, but I'm feeling like he could be the type of guy that goes off when pushed to the edge...

Back to the paternity test. Of course, Melanie finds out that Derwin is not the father, and Derwin turns to mush since he loves D.J. so much. But the twist that Derwin really was the father was too predictable. It was too easy. Melanie got what she wanted just too easy. So the minute we found out "Derwin wasn't the father," I figured that he was. However, I'm glad they went ahead and knocked this out the first episode instead of dragging it out over the whole season. Now I'm interested to see how Melanie is going to tell Derwin the real truth, or if she even will...

There were definitely a few things that I was disappointed about. One was the predictability of things, especially with the paternity test, but it's all good. I was upset with holes in the writing. The first spot I noticed this was with Tasha and Dante. I can’t lie…Terrence J did pretty decent. His acting on Stomp the Yard 2 did NOT impress me, so I was positive he was gonna be wack….but he wasn’t. He did well. I just can’t believe he’s dating TASHA!!!! Where is Rick Fox?! This was a major relationship for Tasha, and for it to just disappear without even a few lines to explain was disappointing.

I was definitely also upset with the change of Kelly. She got MAD annoying. I wasn't feeling her new reality TV stint, her new attitude, and definitely not that new haircut! Sorry Brittany lol. She's not the fun, borderline alcoholic Kelly that I know and love lol. Now she's just a bitter ex-wife. However, I know this will change. See, I believe that Kelly and Jason are going to get back together by the end of the season. You can definitely see that Kelly is still not over the whole divorce, and deep down, I don't think Jason is either. His relationship with Stacey Dash's character is over, which kind of opens the door to possibly go back to Kelly since he's not in a serious relationship right now. Again, that's another hole that the writers should have filled, but ok.

Oh, and speaking of Jason and Kelly, did anyone notice that teenage almost grown looking girl that's supposed to be Brittany?! Ok let's do some basic math. Brittany, the couple's daughter, was 5 turning 6 when the show began. So around the time CW canceled, she was about 9 or 10. Meaning that now she would be about 11, 12. That girl ain't EVEN look like she was a pre-teen. She looked like a high school junior to me! Writers fix that! It was reminding me of Bobbi Kristina (perhaps purposeful???? Alluding to Bobby and Whitney's breakup seeming to have messed up their daughter? Idk...) I just know that Brittany is still supposed to be kind of a baby, and she's not right now.

Moving on. Malik is going to get hurt by Tee Tee. I don't get Malik's deal. I mean, his storyline to me, was the most "hole-ly" I guess. I know that he's jealous of Derwin for receiving more attention and he's mad that the new owner is not going to kick out money for a better offensive line for Malik to work with. Maybe that's why Malik is messing with Meagan Good's character as a thing of revenge I don't know. I'm just not sure where his story is going. Everybody else, there's a sense of what's going on with them, but with Malik, I was blank. Jason's was a little blah too. I need more on his status with the Sabers.

The premiere was definitely more drama than comedy, which I didn’t really like. I expect that to get better. And some of it was a little predictable, especially the paternity test. The show got mixed reviews according to my Twitter and Facebook timelines lol Some say it was over the top, but I thought it was pretty good.. After two years, no table could be left unturned in my opinion. You had to know what was going on with every character. The good, the bad, the changes, everything. Like I said, I'm glad they knocked out the paternity test instead of making that one whole big to-do the entire season. And it was interesting to see how all of the characters had turned out over these past two years. I'm expecting it to get better as the season progresses. As of now I give it a solid B+. I'm ecstatic and grateful that BET took this on! Just please don't mess it up!!! lol It's definitely going to be a dramatic season, with twists and turns that I'm sure Game fans will get into. In the words of Tasha Mack, "Game on bitches!" Haha

Meanwhile, Let's Stay Together? Uhhhhh....I tried it. I figure we always talk about not having black sitcoms that we need to at least try new ones that develop. Plus Ronreaco Lee (coincidentally Tia Mowry's boyfriend Tyreke from Sister Sister) and Erica Hubbard (from my show Lincoln Heights that ABC Family cancelled *anger!*) were in it, so I definitely wanted to support. But it bored me, honestly. Sorry. I'll try again next week, but that's the last shot. And I mean, at least I tried. Half of my Twitter TL changed over to Teen Mom 2 after The Game was done lol

What's your take on The Game?



  1. I agree it was a bit disappointing the only highlight was the addition of Meagan Good..hummmm Ms. Good...she is good alright.

    From M.

  2. Good review but lay off the lols, it's like reading my 11yr daughter's text messages.

  3. Yeah I have an informal writing style so I do lols, but I'll tone them down Thanks for feedback...

  4. I agree. The show was ok but left lots of room for improvement. B-

    This is a response to Brittany Shawnté's comment at 1:58
    I think it's refreshing that you can accept criticism without getting offended or feeling like your character was called into question. Far too often on the internet (and in real life too) people get extremely defensive and won't listen to anything less than praise.

  5. Definitely room for improvement...I'm sure it will get better.

    As far as criticism, I learned a long while ago to accept constructive criticism and work to make myself better in whatever I do. I'm not going to completely change up, but I'm growing to be a better writer with every piece I do. Thanks :-)

  6. Very good review, It was honest and it covered some of the problem with the you. personally I felt the writers went overboard with the drama and completely forgone the cheesy comical aspect of the show, and now what I see is a show with very Dark humor and the characters has changed drastically in 2years? I mean 24months!. In an attempt to create the great comeback, the writers left out an important element of the game which is love. Not to sound sentimental from the previous seasons most characters liked each other and there was a sense of family but watching this new episode I cant help but see great despise for each other, also when did Tasha start smoking? and Malik has always been a player but he was never cynical, so sleeping with TT's girl is out of place. I will give it a B for now and we will see how it goes.

  7. A lot can happen in two years, but I completely understand what you're saying. I missed the comedy and the family feel as well. But I knew coming off the 3rd season that things weren't going to be all smiles and roses. There are definitely some out of place things throughout, but hopefully as the season goes on, things will get more on track. Thanks for commenting :-)

  8. i love this show, just a little bit disappointed with the results that derwin is the father

  9. Hi Brittany Shawntee, Great review of the show last night. However, I wanted 2 just let u know about one of the ``holes`` in the show u talked about. Rick Fox and Tasha Mac actually ended their relationship at the end of the season. Maybe u didn`t see that episode. Rick actually met Tasha 4 dinner and he told her that he took a position with the same company that her and Tasha worked at, just in another state and that Rick was ending their relationship. Rick had warned Tasha that she was going 2 far with her big attitude. Tasha thought that Rick played her at the company because Tasha was getting fired. Tasha broke into Rick`s place and bleached all his clothes.

    And really, u can`t blame Rick 4 breaking up with Tasha. Her character on the show is just 2 ghetto sometimes. She`s a grown woman who acts very low class uneducated and bossy. A guy like Rick just has all the honies running after him. I`m sure he can find at least on woman who will treat him like a king. After all...........he is Rick-Fox....lol.

    Your review gets an A+ Brittany1

  10. Actually, maybe you missed an episode. Although Tasha and Rick had broken up, the final episode of The Game - Melanie and Derwin's Wedding - Rick was there. He and Tasha spoke and had an intimate moment. SO the writers were hinting at a possible rekindled romance between the two.

  11. Yes, thanks 4 the reminder. Rick did attend the wedding but not 2 get back w/ Tasha, it's b/c he was invited. All the main characters on the show were invited 2 the wedding. Hell, even TT was there.......and he didn't go just b/c of Malik. Rick and Tasha had a moment where they looked in 2 each other's eyes.......that doesn't mean that they were rekindling n e thing. It just meant that Tasha was going 2 behave herself 4 a change and not bring n e drama and bad behaviour 2 the wedding so that Melanie and Derwin could have their special day without loud mouth Tasha going off.

    I 2 hate kelly's hairstyle. And y the heck did Brittany look like such a tramp? They made her look 2 mature w/ the short mini skirt and all that thick makeup.

    U just KNOW that TT will take Malik down by blowing the whistle on him about dating the owner's wife. Malik has just gotten 2 puffed up. TT is so hurt by Malik doing the 3 way w/ his 'soulmate". Malik thinks that nothing is off limits 2 him......but he'll soon find out. This is another predictable outcome of the show. Malik 4gets that players can get cut n e time, or even injured and that's the last u hear or see of them in the real football world.
    He'll soon be begging TT 2 hire him on at his "chicken truck on wheels" when he falls from his high place.

    Love this discussion people. Let's keep it going! :)

  12. I think that something was going to happen with Tasha and Rick, but that's obviously dead lol I love Tasha though. I mean, she's loud, but she's funny and she handles her business! I'm not sure if Tee Tee will be the one to do it, but that whole mess with Malik and Meagan Good is definitely going to come to light! Wouldn't be good drama if it didn't haha.

    And yes, I LOVE the discussion! This is the most comments I've had on one post since I started! :-)

  13. When I watched an interview with Terrence from the red carpet of the premiere, I assumed he would just be a character that was dealing with the players professionally and not a love interest for Tasha. It just doesnt seem right. It reflects on Tasha's character as being weak and I never knew her to be weak.

    I personally think that Tee-tee's old persona was funnier but i guess it was cause he did not seem to mind what he was doing for Malik. Its probably also cause Malik wasn't as demanding and ruthless.

    And Kelly...i dont even know what to say... I just want Rick Fox back...This is all just my opinion tho..

    Im gonna keep watching tho...i believe they will be able to warm up to us again...Game On!

  14. Hi guys. This is a great discussion! I just wanted to say that the first episode really was more of a drama and not a comedy. I know the writers had to make some changes, but they need to be careful. It's like the old saying goes, "if it's not broke, don't try to fix it". The show needed a new network, not a whole bunch of changes. The fans absolutely loved the characters the way they were. I am a true fan and will watch no matter what, but a lot of people won't. Again, I understand the writers are trying to show that people do change, but the whole atmosphere of the show seems to have changed. Do you guys think this will hurt the ratings going forward?

  15. I'm honestly not sure what will happen with the ratings, but I'm kind of glad the writers did what they did. I said this on the show's FB page that this is a real life show. It's gonna show what happens when you're in the spotlight, when you have the fame, fortune, and glitz, when you have to deal with baby mamas or divorce, etc. It's been two years, so the writers did have to show how these two years have changed the characters. I don't agree with all of the changes but most of them are real. Even though I don't like the new Kelly, it's showing how the divorce is affecting her. (SHE GOT BOLD haha!) Malik is a douchebag because he feels he's owed something as the head quarterback. Life circumstances do tend to change you, either for the good or the bad, but hopefully the characters will grow from what they're dealing with. The atmosphere is a little funky, but I believe that when the characters grow, their connection will get back on track. I do want more comedy though definitely!

  16. I totally agree with Brittany! This show was great because it used to be a comedy with a little drama, now it's a drama with a little comedy. I was annoyed by that. I also feel that they should bring the studio audience back, it's kind of dry without it. Another thing is that everyone seems so divided like they all were never friends. I liked the old houses Kelly and Malik had. I don't care too much for Kelly's new character....

  17. I am just absolutely thrilled that The Game is finally back. Even tough the first episode was a little disappointing, I will keep watching. Some of the characters are out of character right know. There is no camaraderie between the characters anymore. Tasha being scared of Kelly? No way! Malik is very cocky, but not mean spirited, at least to the people he cares about. Why would he do that to Tee Tee? I miss the fun and the jokes. It's ok to tackle serious issues, but keep the humor. That is why I and others can watch The Game reruns over and over again because they make you laugh and yes, sometimes think.



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