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Hey hey yall! Don't even feel like Wednesday, but we're halfway through the week! Sleep awaits me this weekend :-)

Starting off this morning with a spotlight! Today we have Tiffany Eprell Williams, aka Eprell. Hailing from Miami, this 17 year old has big dreams and talent. She is a singer and a model, as well as aspiring dance teacher. Her publicist, who I just so happened to do a spotlight on a little while back, designer Ashley Chin, gave me the scoop on her!

Ms. Eprell fell in love with music at a young age, listening to old school artists that her father would play like Teena Marie, the O'Jays, and Anita Baker. "Music became not only my best friend, but also my get away from all my problems with school and friends and family," she admitted. I know that feeling all too well. Read more about Ms. Eprell after the jump.

The singer got serious about her music at 12, determined to make a success of herself. She also became interested in modeling, and recently completed her first photo shoot. Reminiscing of that day, Eprell said, "I was so happy. Nothing mattered. I was on my way to doing big things and I was not gonna let anything or anyone stand in the way of me making my dreams come true."

An obviously driven young woman, Ms. Eprell has been writing her own music and is presently working towards a record deal opportunity, recording her demo. She has done a few collaborations, and is now working on her first mixtape, Eprell Presents: A Point Of No Return Vol. 1. She praised her Aunt Rochelle as one of her greatest inspirations, as well as her friend Jenisha for being there for her. In the music game, Eprell has been inspired by several singers, but the biggest have been the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Miss Mary J. Blige, as well as the late Aaliyah.

Eprell stated the way she carries herself as a young lady and human being separates her from the pack of artists out now. "I never compare myself to no artist out here," she said. "I have my own style and that's how I wanna keep it. I'm Eprell, not Beyonce or Ciara or Rihanna. I'm just Eprell Williams." And that's all you need to be in the game. YOURSELF.

Ms. Eprell also credits God in all of her goals. "I just keep to myself, work on my music, and just wait for the time when God will give me my big break," Eprell said. "I will never stop no matter who likes it or not. I will keep the faith and keep my dream alive." And with a voice like hers, I could see her going far! You can follow Ms. Eprell on her Twitter and blog, and check out her YouTube channel for more videos! Listen to her below!

"No More"-Eprell

"Pretty Girl Rock" (Cover)-Eprell


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