Milk & Honey (TV Show)

Morning yall. Hope all is well. Got a two hour delay at work today (God bless the DMV and our fear of winter), so I'm just now settling at the desk.

I saw this this morning on one of my new favorite sites, The YBF. Actor Idris Elba (mmmm....Gorgeous Brit) is the executive producer of a new show entitled, "Milk & Honey." The show follows four black women in LA as they work toward their dreams. It features familiar faces like Lance Gross from House of Payne, Faune Chambers (Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Bryce Wilson (Beauty Shop), veteran actress Debbie Allen and introduces Asha Kamali.

milk + honey series trailer from brown paper dolls on Vimeo.

Just by looking at the trailer, it seems like it will be a very good show once it gets picked up by a network. I would definitely watch. Plus, just being a young black woman, I can't lie that it's nice to see black dramas and sitcoms making their way back gradually.


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