Snooki's A Brand!

Morning everyone! Hope all is well. The job has hit me with some serious work today, but I have to keep my stride with the blog too!

For my Jersey Shore fans, it's JERSDAY! The Season 3 premiere of MTV's hit show airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET. So it's only right to talk about one of my favorite cast members--SNOOKI! Say what you want, but she's killing it! She just released her book, A Shore Thing, this past week. While it isn't going to hit the classic literature list or anything, I bet it sells A LOT! The Jersey Shore era is just beginning...I'm good with it LOL.

But according to the New York Post, Snooks is just beginning! She has hired New York firm SRG Ventures to take charge of licensed products that she will release. Now that includes her famous slippers which I was looking at a few weeks ago lol, as well as jewelry and sunglasses. She is seeking to expand to lingerie, handbags, beauty products, fragrances, bedding, and more!

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Say what yall want. Jersey Shore is one of the biggest shows out right now, and one of the biggest shows MTV has ever released. It's entertaining. So I can't be mad at members of the cast making their side money off of it. They already get paid mad money just to show up to the Shore (Snooki gets $30K per episode, YES $30,000!). But now they are branching into other things. Snooki has all of this stuff she wants to release. Pauly D is getting his own spinoff show. Situation branched out with his book, and Dancing with the Stars. Plus all of them make pretty regular club appearances, and get paid for that! Make your money! And Snooki, I'm gonna buy me some slippers soon haha!

Make sure yall tune in tonight for Season 3 premiere! And check out new chick Deena already making a splash in the house!


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