Soulja Boy Deserved A Grammy?!?

Morning people! Hope all is well. Looking to get some snow in the DMV today! Not a big fan of it, but if it maybe keeps me home tomorrow, I'm good haha

Ok, so I wasn't going to write on this fool, but I needed to get this out of my system. This one to your left, I DO NOT LIKE. Sorry to his fans, but I'm not one. And I'm so tired of him. SOULJA. BOY. Ok, first he said he wrote Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair," random and laughable to me. Songwriter Ronald "Jukebox" Jackson got on him for it. "Soulja wrote whip my hair??..and waka flaka wrote ‘thriller’ right? lol…" Jukebox tweeted. "My house must be POPPIN! cuz i had NO IDEA soulja was in my house when I did that song! #invisibleswag??" Then Jukebox came out with a littlediss track for him.

But Soulja Boy won't stop. Now he's saying that he deserved Kanye's 2008 Grammy, according to OMG Yahoo!.

Ok, so Kanye won the Grammy for Best Rap Song for his collaboration with T-Pain on "Good Life." Soulja Boy let it go, hoping that he would win the next year. Now he's saying that he felt like "he should have got that Grammy" for his hit "Crank Dat." The OMG article ended perfectly: Kanye West has earned 14 Grammys; Soulja Boy has not been up for an award since "Crank Dat" was nominated. Boy SIT! You don't have a Grammy cuz YOU DON'T DESERVE A GRAMMY! People don't take you seriously as a rapper because your lyrics have no substance. You don't talk about nothing. You ain't that catchy that you deserve a Grammy on your mantlepiece. Get up outta here with that. Tired of people making bull and calling it hip hop. I was talking to someone the other day. Like my parents and older generations, even 80s babies have music that they jump out of their seats the minute they hear the first beat. When I'm in my mid-40s what am I gonna have? Soulja Boy among others? I'm disappointed. Don't get me wrong, not all of the music coming out today is terrible (*Note-Queen Bey, Ne-Yo, etc,) but a good chunk of it is a hot mess. I was born in the wrong generation Sighhhhhh. Ok, mini rant done. Ignore me. Real news hopefully later.


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