"Where You At"-Jennifer Hudson (Song)

Morning all! Hope all is well on this Monday!

Sooooo I'm excited about this new song Jennifer Hudson just dropped today!!! :) From the tragedy of losing her mother, brother, and nephew in 2008, to becoming a mother herself and losing weight and becoming a spokesperson for Weight Watchers (My "Thinspiration" lol), Jennifer has went from extreme high to terrible low, and is now rising up again. She released her new song "Where You At?" for her faithful listeners, which depicts a story of a woman dealing with broken promises from her man..."Thought you were my hero, but as it turns out, you were a no show." A story many women know all too well I'm sure. It's definitely a great song! I'm too happy that Jennifer is back in terms of music. I've missed her amazing voice. Her new album I Remember Me is set to be released March 22!!! Listen to "Where You At" below!


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