Bad Girls Boot Camp House!

Oxygen has plans to shoot an upcoming series under the Bad Girls Club name: Bad Girls Boot Camp! This will be the house, located in Kenner, Louisiana and owned by former Hornets basketball coach Byron Scott.

Scott is renting the house to the network to shoot the Boot Camp series, which I'm guessing will be some sort of last-girl-standing competition, either to learn to be more ladylike like Flavor of Love Charm School, or to just go head to head in battle! Either way, the show will probably bring back old favorites. Maybe Natalie from Season 4, or Brandi from Season 5. (Please bring Tanisha, PLEASE!!!) Maybe even some of the newbies from this season. 

Residents in Kenner are protesting the shooting of their series, saying that the show will be a disruption to the neighborhood. Apparently, movies are shot in the area on a regular basis, but homeowners are adamant about the shut down of this series. Which I kind of get. I mean, let's be honest. BGC ain't AT ALL peaceful and drama-free. The residents will see all kinds of stuff probably, and that's not good, especially for kids to be around. Which is why I'm surprised they're changing the location. L.A. and Miami, BGC's only past locations, are wild already, so it wasn't like the show would have affected it any really. But in Louisiana? I mean, New Orleans is pretty live, and Kenner is a suburb of the city, but still. It doesn't make sense to me. 

I'm sure the series will still go on, whether in Kenner or in some other city. Oxygen isn't about to let go of probably their biggest show and franchise. Speaking of which, Flo (from Season 4) will be premiering her one hour special, Bad Girls Club: Flo Gets Married, detailing her wedding and pregnancy(?!!!) on February 28 on Oxygen.




Hey hey yall! Ok life in Australia is a true balancing act: getting ready for classes, orientation, room decorating, staying in touch with family, friends, and my school, registering for classes for senior year back home, going out with new friends, and blogging! I have it down though...

Check out rap duo, B.X.C, signed under Ludacris' Disturbing The Peace and Def Jam! I heard of them a while ago (maybe possibly an interview if I ask???) Here is their official video for "Dreamer" Hot song...speaks real truth. Just like real hip hop is supposed to do.


"Hold It Against Me"-Britney Spears (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Morning all! Hope all is well with you guys. Everything's good in Aussie Land.

Here is the latest release from Miss Britney Spears, "Hold It Against Me." The song is very upbeat, and the video features Britney getting back to her dancing, as well as colorful fashion and even a fight: Britney vs...Britney haha. It was cool to watch. Not a huge fan of the song ( which I know is blasphemous to Brit fans lol), but maybe, in time, it will grow on me. Check out the video below!



Natalie Portman Expecting A Boy!

Morning yall! Hope all is well back in the U.S. It's weird knowing that as I'm about to go to bed, people back home are just getting up! Trying to stay on top of the blog. Hopefully after this next week of orientation, I can focus more on it. I want to do more than just one post a day. We'll see how that goes.

Anywho, fresh off her amazing film Black Swan, (check the Black Swan Martini!), Miss Natalie Portman has been said to be expecting a baby boy. According to PopEater, a source close to Natalie and her fiancé Benjamin Millepied  is quoted as saying, "They've only told a very small group of family members and friends that they're expecting a son. They are so excited. Benjamin cannot wait to be a father." I'm feeling like they didn't want this aired out just yet, anonymous source, but congratulations to them anyway! Natalie is due in late spring or early summer.



Black Swan Martini & Recipe

Morning all, hope all is well. If you have time, I think you should check out my other blog, The Melbourne Takeover, for my Australia adventures! Just a side bar

I saw this on People just now. Here we have the Black Swan Martini, based, of course, on the movie Black Swan starring Natalie Portman. (Which was amazing by the way! If you haven't seen it, GO!!! It's still out, right?)  This is a grown and sexy drink right here haha! I want to make one of these!!! You know, when I'm officially legal to drink in America on October 1st this year *cough cough* But.... I guess, technically, I can make one now since Australia's legal drinking age is 18. Hmmm...

The Black Swan Martina was created by Cheryl Cecchetto, who has planned the Governors' Ball, the official afterparty for the Oscars, for the past 22 years. And with the awards show airing at the end of the month, Cheryl came out with this beautiful drink, almost too pretty to drink if you ask me. A white chocolate martini, with the edges of the glasses dipped in brown sugar for the dark effect. Check out the recipe after the jump to make your own Black Swan Martini!


(Hiatus Over!) "Computer Love"-Hamilton Park

Hey hey yall! This is my first post down under in Australia!!!! That hiatus was short huh? Apparently, I could access Internet, just under a guest account. Whatever I have to do to keep on track with Spotlight! I have to stay up later to blog and get it to yall in the morning in the U.S. (It's about midnight on Feb. 16 here, and 8 AM Feb. 15 on the East Coast). But like I said, I'm determined to keep up. Not even just for my readers, (though I seriously love yall and the positive feedback, but really a good part of it is for me. For my resume. For my love of entertainment. FOR ME.

But anyways, let me get back to my post haha. I saw this video on SingersRoom, and thought that I would share. It's a group that I had heard of a while back, even got their mixtape on my iTunes library somewhere. They're really good. R&B groups are borderline gone. (I seriously googled "R&B groups out now", and got TLC, Xscape, 112, and Jodeci as the first four sites). So I always perk up when I see them come out. Especially the mens!!! LOL. I swoon over a man being able to serenade in song...and a group is always better! :-)

Hamilton Park has been signed to Harrell Records and Atlantic officially, and have released this vid for their first single "Computer Love." I'm sure I'm a little late with it, but I'm just now seeing it so I had to post!!! I love their voices...Now I need R&B group Ahmir to blow up more and I'll be straight! R&B lover til the death of me...

Video by Singersroom.com | More on Hamilton Park



Hiatus :-(

Early morning all...

Most of you all are probably sleeping as I write this. I am up, because I am packing and getting myself together for my semester abroad. Headed down under to Australia for FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS!!!! I'm riding up to New York for my flight out of JFK in a few hours with the fam. Sad that my first trip to NY is to take a plane and I can't even enjoy the city :-( But I'm blessed to be going on this exciting journey.

That being said, I have to put Spotlight on hiatus for a little while. Not a long break, just about two weeks. I don't have external internet access at the university I'm going to until the semester starts which, unfortunately, won't be until the end of the month. So I won't be able to blog probably. At least that's what they tell me. I'm going to try my hardest to make it to a computer; one, to let yall and my people back in the DMV know I'm alive, and two, to KEEP SPOTLIGHT GOING! I got crazy motivation from a FB friend who visits Spotlight occasionally and she told me that I really need to be blogging every day to perfect my craft. Which is true. Sometimes I don't blog because I'm busy. Most times, honestly, it's straight laziness. But if I want this blog to be taken seriously (and it has gotten to a higher level already), I have to take it seriously myself. So even when I'm over in Melbourne, I will still be blogging and of course sending you pics of anything entertainment over there! (For my full journey, you can visit my blog for my travel reporting class, The Melbourne Takeover!) So yeah, if need be, give me two weeks, and I will be on my A game! Next time you hear from me, I'll be in ANOTHER CONTINENT! Craziness!




"Thought this was forever love. Guess it was just seasonal."

Wale is one of my favorite rappers out now, not necessarily because he's from my area (DMV All Day!) but because he's versatile. He talks truth about a lot, if people would just get off his style, whether or not he's really from DC, his "douchebag qualities," etc., and actually LISTEN. I have mad respect for him as a rapper, because he's not the typical. And I'm glad that people are starting to realize that. He just signed his deal with Maybach, so I'm looking forward to what he has in store for the fans this year and beyond...

So yesterday, he dropped a video for "The Break Up Song" off his 2010 mixtape More About Nothing. People say it's late, but I say it's right on time, cuz this song has been on A LOT for the last week for me. So when the video came out, I had that on replay too. Especially cuz Wale is just so freakin sexy. You don't have to agree, but it ain't your blog ha! I love dreadheads, and DMV dudes in general. My bestie says I need to give that up, but can't help it. They are...like none other haha. But I digress. Mr. Folarin just dropped the FULL version of "Break Up Song" a couple of minutes ago, featuring some of his spoken word (sounding like it'll be Ambitious Girl Pt. 2???) and a narration from Morgan Freeman. Check it out below!



In The Spotlight: Street Justice

Morning all. Happy Friday! Hope all is well with you guys.

Soooo this is my first blog in a little while. Trying to stay on track but I honestly haven't been up to it. I haven't been really doing much of anything lately, honestly. It's been...an interesting week, to say the least, but I'm back!

I start off this morning with a spotlight! Representing Detroit, a city filled with plenty of musical history, we have Street Justice! SJ, as they as also known, is made up of three members: Ketchphraze (Chrishaun Stanton), Redd (Clifford Johnson), and Jypsy (Julian Hearn). Read more about the group after the jump!


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