Bad Girls Boot Camp House!

Oxygen has plans to shoot an upcoming series under the Bad Girls Club name: Bad Girls Boot Camp! This will be the house, located in Kenner, Louisiana and owned by former Hornets basketball coach Byron Scott.

Scott is renting the house to the network to shoot the Boot Camp series, which I'm guessing will be some sort of last-girl-standing competition, either to learn to be more ladylike like Flavor of Love Charm School, or to just go head to head in battle! Either way, the show will probably bring back old favorites. Maybe Natalie from Season 4, or Brandi from Season 5. (Please bring Tanisha, PLEASE!!!) Maybe even some of the newbies from this season. 

Residents in Kenner are protesting the shooting of their series, saying that the show will be a disruption to the neighborhood. Apparently, movies are shot in the area on a regular basis, but homeowners are adamant about the shut down of this series. Which I kind of get. I mean, let's be honest. BGC ain't AT ALL peaceful and drama-free. The residents will see all kinds of stuff probably, and that's not good, especially for kids to be around. Which is why I'm surprised they're changing the location. L.A. and Miami, BGC's only past locations, are wild already, so it wasn't like the show would have affected it any really. But in Louisiana? I mean, New Orleans is pretty live, and Kenner is a suburb of the city, but still. It doesn't make sense to me. 

I'm sure the series will still go on, whether in Kenner or in some other city. Oxygen isn't about to let go of probably their biggest show and franchise. Speaking of which, Flo (from Season 4) will be premiering her one hour special, Bad Girls Club: Flo Gets Married, detailing her wedding and pregnancy(?!!!) on February 28 on Oxygen.


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