Demi Lovato Posts Message to Fans

As we all have probably heard by now, Demi Lovato of Disney Channel fame recently left rehab after a 90 day stay, dealing with her issues with eating disorders and cutting. She released a short message to her fans, thanking them for their support and love during her difficult journey. Watch the video below!

When I first heard about her struggles with her body image, I was in shock. Out of all of the Disney show stars who have attempted a singing career, she is by far in my top two. She and Raven take it. Seriously google some of her music if you haven't heard. (I personally suggest "World of Chances" and "Two Worlds Collide", but there's much more). Anyways, she's a beautiful young woman, with a bright future. However, even the brightest and most talented stars have their demons. We all do. I'm glad that she is doing better, and I wish her all the best :-)


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