Fat Joe Gets Cooking Show

So I'm blogging and I should be getting ready for class....priorities? Ehhhhh...I've been gone from the blog way too long. I have to put a bit more time into it. I'll get to class on time though :-)

Not long after I did the Charlie Sheen piece, I saw this haha. Joey Crack is getting a cooking show. That's right, Fat Joe is gonna be talking about food, with Chef Mark actually preparing it. Haha check this interview he did on NBC Nitecap (around the 4:55 mark) where he talks a bit about the show, which will have a band, studio audience, and celeb guests. Lil Wayne might be one of the first??? I don't know about this though lol but all the best....

Oh and by the way, if you watch a little before that mark, he talks about some new girl on his team being the new Beyoncé or Rihanna? Rihanna maybe. Beyoncé NEVER. Just had to put that out there haha.


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