"Blackout"-Smash Adamz (Song)

I had the opportunity a while back to interview one of my good friends that's working on getting his name in the industry, Smash Adamz. Smash recently released his first single, "Blackout," off of his upcoming mixtape Me, Myself, and Smash. The song, produced by producer Dre in Atlanta, is "straight bars, no hook," as Smash himself states. "For all who doubted me, turn your stereos up. This one's for you," he starts, and proceeds to GO IN! This "self-proclaimed winner" talks to his doubters and haters straight up and shows them that he is a force to be reckoned with. Check out "Blackout" below!

Blackout by Smash Adams

There is a potential for a video; I'll keep you guys posted. Me, Myself, and Smash, set to be released on Smash's birthday September 1, is a fresh start for the rapper, who has parted ways with his label YSZ Entertainment. Running solo for his first official mixtape, Smash said that the tape will have a wide range of songs, including songs with amazing punchlines like "Blackout," and songs for the club. And ummm, even a sex song where he's actually singing! "Oh Lawd Jesus..." My words exactly from the interview haha. "It's a lot of diversity, a little mix of everything," Smash said. "So I just hope everyone can catch onto the mixtape." As of right now, he's working on music, and might even have a major hook up at AllHipHop.com for more promotion. Too excited for him! His talent beats several rappers out here now, and I'm excited to see where things go for him in the future.


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