"Schoolin' Life" -Beyoncé (Song)

I should do a post/song from Beyoncé every day until next Tuesday, but I'm absolutely sure people would get sick of me. But hey, King B is back! And she gets sassy on this 80s inspired song, "Schoolin' Life," which will be released on the deluxe edition of her upcoming album, 4, set to be released NEXT TUESDAY!!!

The song is said to draw from music legend Prince, and features B as the teacher to her listeners. She shouts out the "20-somethings, 30-somethings, 40-somethings, sexy-somethings and little somethings," and schools them on life. "Time really moves fast," she advices. "Make your life what you decide / Baby, party til the Fire Marshall shut this sucker down." I'm with you B! It's one of those that ladies can jam to in the morning while they're getting ready. At least, that's what I plan on doing!

I don't care what any one says. The rumors about Columbia Records planning on this album flopping, "Run The World" not charting so high, etc. From the singles she's released, B is really breaking out of the box, and after at least 15 years in the game, she deserves to. These songs are really different from her previous albums, but amazing none the less. #BeyTakeover!

Check out "Schoolin' Life" below!



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