In The Spotlight: S.Taylor

Gregory Scott Taylor Jr, also known as S.Taylor, is the COMPLETE musician. Not only does he sing and rap, he also is a songwriter, producer, and engineer. The 18-year-old from Fort WainWright Alaska has always had a great passion for music. "When I was younger, I played piano. Then when I was 13 I played tuba for 2 years." S. Taylor says of his start in music. "I started writing poetry at around 12 as well. That eventually turned to words to a beat. Then at the age of 13, I recorded my first record."

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S.Taylor started experimenting with rapping and singing on records, as he learned to record himself. Although it was a small thing at first, his peers and other artists encouraged him to make a real career out of it. "Being in the music industry [has] always been my dream. It's just that I didn’t start taking it serious until mid 2008," S.Taylor said.

S.Taylor gave his mother as his greatest inspiration. "She always motivates me to keep chasing my dream no matter what," he said. "She is very supportive and is a big part of my music career." As far as other artists, he notes Krazy Bone, Drake, T-Pain and Cassidy as inspirations. "It would be an honor to be to of success but at the same time I want God to guide me to my own level of success," he added. When asked what makes him different from other rappers out now, the rapper stated that his flow, versatility, and hunger for his shot makes him unique.

S. Taylor heads up OverGrind Entertainment, an indie label based in Atlanta. The label has a roster of artists, engineers, and producers, a multi-faceted group working towards success in this industry. Check out their intro video here and be sure to follow them on Twitter.

He has worked on a variety of collaborations, including a song called, "I'm The One For You," by Young Dray.  The single that S. Taylor is pushing now, "I'm Gone Make It," features one of his artists under Over Grind, Yung Flame The Real.Check out the video below! (Both records are on iTunes and Amazon for $0.99.). He is also working on his own official single. "It's called "It’s On," produced by KpOnDaBeat but I have a special guest by the name of Dan Marshall who is playing the guitar on the record for me." he said. Marshall with many artists but  is mostly known for the song "Rockstar" by Chamillionaire feat. Lil Wayne.

OverGrind Entertainment has all of their music on YouTube, and S. Taylor can be contacted on Facebook and Twitter. Definitely an artist with potential and hustle! Be on the lookout for him and the rest of OverGrind!


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