ALBUM REVIEW: Here I Am-Kelly Rowland

I decided to go ahead and do a review on Miss Kelly's third album, Here I Am, which was released today, since I did my review of Beyoncé's album some weeks back (I think I'm going to start doing more reviews. A lot of work, but I like it).

I'm doing this review WITH NO COMPARISON TO B! I thought about it, but that's overdone. And I'm sure other reviews have done/will do it. Kelly has made a name for herself in this industry long before this album came out. So I just wanted to give my perspective on this album based on Kelly's vocals and production of this album.

I listened to this entire album on YouTube. The album was put on Kelly's website a while ago. I didn't bother to listen to it then and, of course, she took it down for the release. I told myself I would listen to it, get a feel for it, and decide from there whether or not I would actually buy and add it to my iTunes library. I could've downloaded this album a while ago I'm sure, but if it was worth my money, Kelly would get it. Check out my review after the jump!

And...she gets her however much the album costs on iTunes from me. This is her best work out of all of her albums. I have her other two, Simply Deep and Ms. Kelly sitting idly in my iPod. With the exception of no more than 3 or 4 tracks from each, I hardly pay attention to them. However, Here I Am, to me, was Kelly's official proclamation album. It's definitely a hit, filled with a lot of uptempo songs to work out or to listen to when you're getting ready to go out. Though I wasn't in love with every track, she made me take notice of her with this one. I was impressed.

"Yeah I be the one that they love to mention. I tell 'em keep on talking cuz I love the attention." The high energy track "I'm Dat Chick" starts out the album. Co-written by Ester Dean, the track definitely shows Kelly's confidence in herself. From the beginning of the album, she's establishing herself as "dat chick," on that other level. Definitely a good start to the album.

"Ain't no other place he'd rather be than putting overtime in with me." Kelly keeps with the uptempo in the next track, "Work It Man" featuring rapper Lil Playy. She pays homage to the men who works hard in every aspect of their relationships to make it work. It might be hard work, might have to put in a little overtime especially for the women with baggage, but he doesn't mind. It's a basic song, but the beat is hot, and the hook is catchy.

"And when we're done, I don't wanna feel my legs..." If you don't know this song, you have seriously been living under a rock. "Motivation" featuring Lil Wayne is hands down Kelly's biggest song since her solo career started. Wasn't in love with this track like most everybody else was when it first came out, but it's starting to grow on me, especially that pre-chorus! This is the slow and sexy song for the bedroom, with the bass booming. Personally could've done without Wayne on this track. He didn't fit in the song to me. I'm hooked on it now, though.

"And tell 'em you'll be here in the morning, oh no. And tell your little friends that you're rolling solo." Kelly definitely had a good amount of features on this album. She takes it back to the uptempo with "Lay It On Me," featuring Big Sean. It's another sexy track, with Kelly telling her man to forget the plans he had and come on over and lay it down. This is Kelly's third single, and definitely a good choice because it's a commercial hit. I don't think it will be as big as "Motivation," but it's a good choice for a follow up.

"You're the only one I see, it's like no one's in the VIP but you and me." Kelly's mid-tempo "Feelin Me Right Now," features her singing from the male perspective spotting a female in the club, and falling in love at first sight. It's a nice song to just chill and vibe to. Not too fast, not too slow. And it was a good switch up to sing from the man's point of view. That's not often done.

"I can tell her that you're so unhappy. Instead I'm sipping till I'm empty." "Turn It Up" is probably one of my favorite tracks off this album. Produced and co-written by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Kelly drinks and parties away her complicated love life, as she had unknowingly been the other woman in her relationship for quite sometime. She contemplates telling wifey what's really going down, but just takes shot after shot. Not that I would recommend anyone drinking their sorrows away, but it's like that sometimes. It's really repetitive in terms of the lyrics, but the beat is AMAZING and I feel the message.

"Baby just turn the music on and I’ll be your favorite song." The mid-tempo "All of the Night," featuring Rico Love, takes it back to the sex appeal of the album. This one didn't stand out that much compared to "Motivation" and "Lay It On Me," though.

"Just a plain ole girl, I don't need nothin'. They say I got it all, but they don't know that all is you." The mellow love ballad, "Keep It Between Us," has Kelly confessing to her man that she could never see herself with anyone else, and she wants him to feel the same, to not give his love to anyone else. Sighhh....this song got me way too much in my feelings at work right now. Definitely a beautiful song.

"I feel free enough to party hard. This dress won't go to waste...feels like I own the place." "Commander" is the rave track of the album produced by world-renowned producer/DJ David Guetta. It's that  fun, fist pumping, go wild, dance song that every album should have. This was a song that grew on me after a while. After Australia, the land of the rave music, I've gotten into these types of songs haha.

"I'm amazed, by you all. You bring out a side I didn't know." The final track of the standard edition, "Down For Whatever" is another rave track, very upbeat for the club. Again, just a fun, dance party song to rock to. Kelly talks to a specific love interest, sort of "Love In This Club-esque," saying that she's down for anything and everything, as he brings out a side of her she didn't know she had.

The deluxe version of Here I Am features a Ne-Yo written track, Heaven & Earth," as well as another techno song "Each Other," and remixes to "Motivation" and "Commander," with the latter featuring Nelly.

All in all, I give this album a B+. As I said, to me this was Kelly's official coming out album. She consolidated her spot in the game with Here I Am. Every track didn't do it for me, but overall, she did a great job. Her vocals were strong. There was never a doubt to me that the girl has talent, even though she was in the background in Destiny's Child. It was just when was she going to have her breakout moment. Here I Am did that for her. So I will be buying when I get back home. I'm impressed. Congrats Kelly! Now let's see how these sales come out.


  1. Great review. I agree wholeheartedly!!!

  2. I bought the album and have been bumping it lately especially I'm Dat chick, I'm feeling me right now! I hope this child gets a clue and starts making videos to match. So far the album is full of hits and she has'nt released the best songs. Kelly Rowland needs to be creative with the video treatments because she represents the dark skin Barbie doll looking chick!



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