Monica and Shannon Brown's Second Wedding! (Video)

As many have probably heard by now, Monica and L.A. Laker Shannon Brown were married for a second time in a lavish ceremony this past weekend. After marrying secretly in the fall of last year, Monica and Shannon wanted to have a public ceremony for family and friends to be a part of. Kevin Frazier of The Insider got an exclusive look and talked to Monica, as well as guests LaLa and LL Cool J, about the ceremony. Check out the video after the jump!

It looked like it was a beautiful ceremony! The wedding party was HUGE! From pictures I saw (somewhat blurry but still decent) it looked to be about 9 bridesmaids and groomsmen...the biggest I've ever seen. Members of the wedding party included Ciara, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, and Derek Fisher. All in all a beautiful turnout. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Brown!


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