"And The Wall Won"-Jersey Shore S4, E5 (Recap)

Though one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, I would like to start this post by saying happy birthday to the late great Michael Jackson. Never forgotten...RIP. 

The wall really did win in this special episode of the Shore! Before the VMAs, MTV aired a new episode of Jersey Shore, which made me happy because I HAD to see what was going to happen after last Thursday's episode. The episode picks up with Ronnie and Mike fighting. Now for those of you who didn't read my last recap, Ronnie tears up his and Mike's room after Sammi told him that Mike told the rest of the house how Ronnie had plans to bring home other girls and everything. Not that it wasn't true, but Ronnie had so much anger and frustration built up towards Mike that he just let loose. Surprisingly though, the fight wasn't what I thought it would be! Read more after the jump!

After Ronnie throws Mike's stuff out of their room, Mike goes crazy himself, egging Ronnie on to hit me since he acts so big and bad. The fool even starts banging his head up against the wall, which, unbeknownst to his stupid behind, is full on concrete. Mike and Ronnie eventually start brawling, with security finally having to break them up. However, the fight is not what caused Mike to go to the hospital, like it was seen on the trailer for this season. Mike's own headbanging caused him to have a mild concussion and neck sprain! And so, the wall won ha!

Sammi's dumb self still tries to talk to Ronnie while he's still obviously upset. Eventually, he admits that he had been calling another girl, and Sammi and Ronnie break up with each other for the umpteenth time. Can I say again that if they hadn't gotten back together in the first place, none of this drama would've happened in the first place! Just because you love someone, doesn't mean you're meant to be together. I really don't know what goes on with them when the show is over, but on the show, it just seems like they have a really unhealthy relationship. No point of sticking together. Ronnie contemplates leaving, for a little bit, until Vinny finally convinces him that he should stay. I wish I would even think about leaving! Dude, you're in Italy! Freaking ITALY!!! Nobody's bull would make me want to leave.

After spending some hours in the hospital for observation, Mike returns home and lies in bed. People check in on him periodically, and Ronnie and Sammi both apologize for the roles they played in the entire argument. Meanwhile, immature Sammi decides to place all of the stuff that Ronnie bought her back on his bed, as if to say, "We're done, I don't need you anymore so I don't need your stuff." Ronnie then throws it all out, and returns to the room to kind of sort of make up with Mike. They joke around, surprising to the rest of the house, but who knows what will happen. Snooki goes in to also make up with Mike after their whole fight about Mike AGAIN running his mouth, saying that he hooked up with her when she and her boyfriend were together. She lets him know that she's still mad and doesn't accept what he did, but did express concern for him.

From there the episode died down a bit. Later, during a night out on the town, Pauly gets into an argument with some dude out of nowhere at the club. It was over before it started, so it was no big deal. Ronnie gives Sammi flowers to sort of apologize and move on as...whatever it is they can be without arguing...just to keep the peace. Of course, Sammi asks Ronnie about other girls, continuing on with the drama. Ronnie throws the roses out, and now Sammi's "confused" about his actions. God, I just don't want them to ever be together, at least not on this show. I like drama as much as the next reality TV junkie, but there's a difference between entertaining drama and annoying drama. Ron and Sam are annoying drama.

(Side Note: What did Deena have on at the VMAs?!!! Review on the Awards next! As always, I GO IN!)

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