Celebrating Aaliyah

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since the tragic passing of Aaliyah. She had just wrapped on shooting what would be her final video, "Rock the Boat," in the Bahamas. The plane shortly after takeoff was seen veering to the left, and crashed to the ground moments later, taking the life of Aaliyah and eight others: Scott Gallin, Keith Wallace, Douglas Kratz, Eric Foreman, Gina Smith, Christopher Maldonado, Anthony Dodd, and the pilot, Luis Marael. A tragedy indeed. Rest in peace to all. I was only 10, but I remember finding out the next morning as I was getting ready for church. My mom had the news on the TV. "Singer Aaliyah Killed In Plane Crash." I was stunned. I had grown a liking to her music even then. It was devastating to hear.

10 years later, we are celebrating her legacy as a musician, and as an overall sweet person. No one in the industry ever categorized her as a typical R&B diva. She did her job, and did it with a smile. Her presence today is greatly missed.

I've decided to celebrate with some of my favorite songs/videos by the late great Aaliyah. Might not be all of the typical songs to choose from, but they're my top favorites. Check them out after the jump!

I was going to do 10 videos for her 10th year anniversary, but that was a LOT of space, so I did 7 for now (because I just could NOT cut these)I might put up some of my other less-known favorites later. But here's my top 7. Don't bash me if your favorite isn't up haha!

"Back and Forth" One of her first singles from her first album Age Ain't Nothing But A Number, this song was just about going out, partying with friends, and having a good time. I miss the 90's vibe.

"Journey To The Past" This song was from the 1997 animated film Anastasia, one of my favorite movies from childhood. It was an inspiring song that fit the plot of the movie.

"Got To Give It Up (Remix)" This video was always so fun to me. It's just a good party song. (I'm grooving in my seat as I type this!). It was a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up," and I think that she did a good job with it. The video even incorporated footage of Marvin Gaye like he was dancing with Aaliyah!

"The One I Gave My Heart To" This sad ballad was on constant repeat as I got some of my life's heartbreaks. Aaliyah poured out her soul on this track, and it has remained one of my favorites by her.

"One in A Million" There's no way this classic doesn't go on the list. It was a cool love ballad that was a fan favorite, and described Aaliyah to a tee--One in a Million.

"Try Again" LOVED THIS VIDEO! (Yes, all caps.) It featured martial arts expect/actor Jet Li, who co-starred with Aaliyah on the movie Romeo Must Die. This song was on the movie's soundtrack. Aaliyah showed off her daring side, pulling tricks and martial arts moves with Jet Li, while still looking amazing!

"Rock The Boat" Of course, I had to include her final video, "Rock The Boat." Shot in the Bahamas, this video has a great island vibe, and the costumes fit the scenery as well. And I was always impressed after hearing that Aaliyah was deathly afraid of water, and she still managed to pull of that underwater scene perfectly.

If you ask me, the MTV crew for the VMAs this Sunday need to be doing a tribute to her and not Britney Spears. Sigh...but who am I? Anyways, there will be a special tonight on BET celebrating Aaliyah's life, music, and legacy. Aaliyah: One In A Million, featuring family, friends, and those who worked with her, will air at 8 p.m. ET.

RIP Aaliyah. You are greatly missed.

What was your favorite song/memory of Aaliyah?

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