Cole World: A Sideline Story (Album Cover + Video)

J. Cole has officially released the album cover to his upcoming album Cole World: A Sideline Story , which he shared with Rap-Up TV, and talked with them about his inspiration behind the name.

“I actually wanted to do Cole World for the second album title, but by the time people started suggesting it, it just kinda went all the way out the window,” he told them. “When I came up with an album title that I actually liked, it was The Sideline Story. But it felt incomplete. I felt like, ‘Oh man, let’s make it a series and make Cole World the Star Wars [with sub-titles].’ Cole World is something that my fans recognize and they love and I love it too.”

Too, TOO excited for his album! There's not too many rappers out here that I listen to past singles, so I'm really excited that he's finally coming out with his first album! Cole World drops September 27. Check out previews of Cole's new music from the album in a new webisode, part of his Any Given Sunday series.

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