"Crime and Punishment"-Jersey Shore S4, E4 (Recap)

Ronnie and Mike start to fight at the end of the episode!
JERSEY SHORE RECAP! Oh the drama of this episode!!! Let's dive right into it.

The episode starts with every one in the house discussing Deena's robbery and lesbian hookup of last episode, where she removed one of the DTF twins from Vinny's bed and made out with her. The boys make jokes about her throughout the episode, and eventually Pauly and Vinny play a prank on her her, moving her bed to the living room. That really hurt her, and it looked like she was about to have a mental breakdown. I will say that in this season, Deena changed a bit. Pauly goes in on her, and tells her that she was not acting like "one of the guys" anymore. Deena, out of all of the girls, was the least likely to block, the one that the guys wanted to be around the most, especially Pauly and Vinny. And she for sure wasn't hooking up with girls! So I got where he was coming from. Deena herself acknowledges that she wasn't the same, and couldn't figure out why. Neither can anyone else. She promises to work on it, and everyone hugs it out. No big deal.

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On to Mike and Snooki's drama. Snook tells her boyfriend Jionni the issue about Mike telling others in the house that he had slept with Snooki a few months ago, even though she and Jionni were together back then. Snooki adamantly denies it. Jionni is, of course, somewhat suspicious, but lets it go for now. He's coming to Italy later in the season, so we'll see what happens then. I still say that it's quite possible that Snooki might have cheated, and just really wants to protect herself. Then again, Mike is Mike, and very well could have just gotten mad that Snooki wouldn't hook up with him, so he decided to spread rumors on her. If that's the case, that man is too old for that. He's like 30, 31! That's high school behavior.

A comedic part of the episode was the first day on the job at the pizzeria with Pauly, Snooki, and Deena. I don't understand why MTV would have them work there when they can barely understand what their boss and co-workers are saying to them, but whatever. It makes for some funny stuff! Pauly promoting the pizzeria, aka flirting and talking with chicks on the street, because I didn't see him pull one guy in! Deena and Snooki trying their hand at making pizza, and then persuading customers to buy them wine so they could sneak and drink it in the bathroom! Only the Shore!

Now. Sammi and Ronnie. Exactly why I did not need them to be back together. Ronnie is still talking to this other girl Hannah from back home, seeming like his back up plan if things go bad with Sam (which we all know is inevitable). J-Woww decides to talk to him, and basically tells him to watch himself. She's done with their drama. Later, everyone heads to the club, where Ronnie was dancing ABOVE some chick. Not with the girl, but above her on stage. And Sammi gets mad. What is it with her? The boy is not even dancing with the girl, but you want to make drama anyway?! Maybe it's because she was drunk, and all of their problems and fights tend to be after they had a little too much to drink. But this fight starts what I believe is the biggest drama in Jersey Shore history!

After heading back to the house, Sammi tries to explain her feelings, and opens her mouth talking about Mike saying that Ronnie said that he was bringing home all these girls. And the drama ensues!!! Ronnie, who is sick to death of Mike's mouth, proceeds to throw his bed out of their room, wake Mike up, and argue. Mike snaps after seeing all of his stuff thrown outside, in a way that I never have seen him snap before! The episode ends with Mike egging Ron on, and Ronnie heading over to Mike to knock him out. This is the fight that blogs/sites reported on a while back that led to Mike being carried out on a stretcher!

And we will see it all go down next Jerzday!!!

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