"The Eleven One Eleven Theory"-Wale (MIXTAPE LINK)

Wale wasn't even supposed to drop a mixtape. Especially not mere months before the release of his album Ambition, which hits stores 11.1.11--hence the name of the mixtape). Did it just for the fans, and I love him for it. Unfortunate for me, I have to wait until I get home to download (*sadness*) When I do, headed right to my laptop and getting it, and skipping right to Ambitious Girls Part 2 haha.Then I'll start it over.

The mixtape features Black Cobain, J. Holiday, Lloyd and others. The production team includes Hitboy, DJ Toomp, and Deputy.

Can I say that the reason that I post a lot about Wale is because I'm proud of him. Like SUPER proud of him. Yeah, of somebody I don't even know. Just because of the simple fact that he's from the DMV, and he made it. And that makes kids out here trying to break out into the entertainment industry in whatever facet, believe that we can make it too.

Full tracklist and download link is below!

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